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In the Land of Chaos, Tunsen, Mount Caylon, a man sporting dark orange hair kicked off the corpse he had pierced with his sword, before scattering the lingering blood on it with a powerful flick of the blade. Steam was rising from his reddened body, similar to a cooked crab freshly out of the pot. However, those familiar with the man would know that this was the cost of his transcendent ability.

The man was Rodney, an Origin Level 3 transcendent. He was fairly famous in the Land of Chaos, but at odds with his identity as a high-level transcendent was that he had neither a prestigious occupation nor great wealth.

The reason for that? He was a heretic.

Heretics weren’t welcomed in the stabler major countries where the society had more or less stabilized. The Austine Empire, as a show of defiance against the Theocracy, would still accept some heretics from time to time, but other than this small exception, most heretics were forced to live in wartorn areas or small countries lacking the power of transcendents. Most of them eventually move to the unruled borders of humanity’s territory and survived on their own.

Of course, for a high-level transcendent like Rodney, making a living wasn’t an issue at all. In fact, in his hot-blooded younger years, he had ventured into all sorts of places and did all sorts of stuff. but after he sustained a permanent physical trauma during one of his adventures, he decided to rein himself in and return back to his homeland, the Land of Chaos, and he eventually became one of the village chiefs.

The Land of Chaos, Tunsen, was a very special place on the Sia Continent. The unique environment gave rise to all sorts of demonic beasts in the area, making it one of the rare places for procuring invaluable demon beast materials. Yet, hardly any nobles had considered expanding their influence into Tunsen yet, and those who raised the idea were thought of as lunatics.

It was not without reason that Tunsen came to be known as the Land of Chaos. Chaos was an intrinsic nature of this region, and any noble or even king who tried to lay their hands on these grounds would only be slaughtered helplessly.

For one, Tunsen was home to extremely powerful transcendents. There were many heretics and evil cultists who, for various kinds of reasons, had chosen to settle down in this mountainous region. In fact, it could be said to be the ‘vacuum cleaner of the Sia Continent’, taking in all of those powerful transcendents who had no place to go. Needless to say, there was no way these transcendents would take those attempting to infringe on their sanctuary kindly.

Aside from that, the habitat in Tunsen was incredibly inhospitable too. Only the strong could survive. There was an astounding number of powerful demonic creatures roaming this land, and a stampede would occur once every few years. It was definitely not a place for the weak, as evidenced by how more than half of those still living in the region were t

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