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“You saw an ancient god awakening last night? Ahh, I see.”

By the edge of the forest, in the middle of a bunch of sword-wielding heretics, the still steaming Rodney feebly responded to Old Wood’s words with an attitude of humoring an old child.

Wood was the previous village chief, having led the villagers for many years before Rodney was even born. He had already gone into retirement after passing his position down to the meritorious Rodney, but due to the major crisis the village was facing from the evil cultists, Rodney had no choice but to ask for his help.

Despite Wood’s advanced age, as an Origin Level 3 transcendent, it was still well within his means to deal with a couple of Origin Level 4 evil cultists. However, just like Rodney, Wood also had to bear a heavy side effect after using his strength in battle…

To put it in milder terms, he would become as daft as a doorknob, though those who were from Earth like Roel would relate better with the term, ‘senile’.

So, when Wood fell from the sky and started rambling confidently about how their god had awoken, Rodney’s first thought was that the old man’s illness had struck again. However, in view that Wood was the previous village chief, the well-mannered Rodney decided to go along with the old man, so as to not anger him.

“Yes, of course. You’re right.”

“You darned brat, I’m speaking the truth over here! The price of my transcendent ability is already over, so stop looking at me as if I’m off my rocker!”

“Yes, old village chief. Everything you say is right. Is there anything else?”

“… Son of a banshee! Kuri, you tell him!”

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Seeing how Rodney was treating him like a senile old fool, Wood became so infuriated that he began smacking his own chest to alleviate how stifled he felt. Eventually, he pulled a blue-haired young man named Kuri forward to vouch for him. Kuri stroked the fur of the dog in his arms as he began speaking.

“Village chief, what the old village chief mentioned is true. It’s not just him; those who have a stronger spiritual sense in our patrol squad also saw the vision last night. We came together to describe what we saw later on, and it turned out that the visions we saw are the same as one another.”

As it turned out, all of the magician transcendents in the village had all received the vision. There were some minor discrepancies here and there in their depictions, but overall, there was little doubt that they had all seen the same things.

“A little boy standing on the shoulder of a humongous skeleton. This is really… Are you certain about it?”

By this point in time, Rodney’s body had already cooled enough to stop steaming, and the redness had started to recede too. He began inquiring about the details with a confused and skeptical look on his face, but the responses he received weren’t satisfactory.

A humongous skeleton could be referring to the corpse of a giant, but the significan

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