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Roel was also stunned when Nora stretched her hand out to him and told him not to kneel.

It was normal for nobles not to kneel before the royal family in this world. You could think of the royal family as being more like the biggest noble house in the country, the leader of the circle of nobility. They were, by no means, the masters of the nobles, so the nobles didn’t have to lower themselves and act too deferentially in the presence of royalty.

Ceremonies, however, were an exception to the rule. In such a setting, the act of kneeling was more or less just heeding ancient traditions that had been passed down through the ages.

“You need not kneel.”

Roel raised his head upon hearing those words, and he found himself met with Nora’s sentimental eyes. He hesitated for a moment before rising to stand steadily upon his two feet, straightening his back. As he stood back up, the disturbance from the crowd crescendoed to a peak.

“What’s going on? Why did he stand up once more?”

“Her Highness asked him to stand up.”

“Is that true? What’s going on here?”

Such a sight had never happened before, so it was understandable why the guests were taken aback, possibly distraught even. Some said that this conferment was different from the usual, whereas some said that the royal family had changed the conventions. There were even some who went to the extent of speculating that Nora was intending to turn this into a wedding ceremony at the very last moment.

The crowd was shocked by the scene, but little did they know that the ones who were truly shaken were the royal family and the officials working to facilitate the ceremony. In the first row of the spectator stand, Prince Kane frowned upon seeing Nora messing around with the ceremony. He turned to the person beside him, Holy Eminence John, and asked.

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“Father, isn’t what Nora is doing right now inappropriate?”

“Inappropriate? How so?”

The white-haired old man blinked his eyes innocently, as if he couldn’t understand what his son was driving at. Prince Kane glanced at the spectacle in front of him and remarked.

“It’s an extremely disrespectful breach of the ancestors’ conventions. With established formalities now breached, it’ll be hard to proceed with the ceremony.”

John slowly turned his eyes to look at his own son, allowing the disdain he felt to show fully on his face.

To hell with your established formalities. Can’t you tell that your daughter is currently flirting with the boy she likes? That’s the goal of holding this protector ceremony in the first place, but you can’t even tell that much? Back in those days, I, John Xeclyde, was known as the Saint Mesit’s Romance Sage, yet how in the world did I have a blockhead of a son like you? Thank god my granddaughter takes after me instead of you!

“I finally understand why a prince like you needed me to choose a wife for you back then.”

“Ah? Why ar

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