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While Roel was still delightfully greeting each and every noble and official walking up to him, not too far away from him, a silent fuse had been ignited. Two young beauties were currently standing face-to-face. Neither spoke a word, but just the chilly atmosphere that floated between them was enough for some of the keener viewers to notice that something was wrong.

The noblewomen present began sharing their intelligence with one another. Quite a few of them had seen Alicia during Nora’s birthday banquet, so it didn’t take long for the identity of the silver-haired, crimson-eyed girl to be known by everyone.

“That child is Lord Roel’s adopted sister? Doesn’t that mean that…”

“Shh! Don’t speak of things that aren’t verified yet.”

“What more is there to verify? Look at the atmosphere there! It’s clear that Her Highness’s good times have just hit a stumbling block.”

A passion for drama burned innately in the hearts of all humans, regardless of which world one was in. The onlookers waited with bated breaths for the promised clash between the two duelists who had now crossed paths with one another. They were dying with curiosity to know who would emerge victorious.

Carter also only just noticed the two girls standoff. In order not to get caught up in this mess, he quickly rushed over to where Holy Eminence John and a few other top nobles and officials were gathering and started chatting with them.

“Alicia, hurry up and get straight to the point. Time is precious. It wouldn’t be good if he were to see this.”

Nora shot a glance at Roel, who was still busy dealing with the nobles and officials approaching him. She always felt a little stifled whenever she had to deal with Alicia.

Alicia’s identity as Roel’s adopted sister came with disadvantages. It made it difficult for Roel to discern between kinship and romantic love, thus making it extremely difficult for her to advance their relationship any further. However, her significant importance to Roel also made it difficult for rivals to deal with her. Anyone who wanted to approach Roel couldn’t afford to fall out with her.

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How much did Roel dote on Alicia?

Nora felt that she had already gotten a good grasp of it the last few times she had visited Roel. In brief, her position in Roel’s heart was unshakable.

This, in turn, meant that Nora couldn’t afford to make any obvious moves against Alicia. The idea that marriage was just about two partners was nothing more than naivety. Most people wouldn’t want to bring in a spouse that was at loggerheads with their family, unless they were prepared to go to the extent of severing ties with their family.

Nora had no idea whether Roel would ever go to such an extent for her, but she had no intention of putting it to the test. She was already on the verge of catching her prey, and she didn’t want any unnecessary complications to occur at this timing.

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