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“You might not be able to return? Father, what do you mean?”

Roel paused briefly before inquiring further. Clearly, he was having difficulty grasping the meaning of his father’s message.

What a grim atmosphere this is! It sounds almost like the negotiations between two yakuzas breaking down. Then one of them goes something like ‘Hah, you won’t be making it out of here alive then!’ kind of feeling.

What is going on? Has the royal family arranged for 300 archers to camp outside the doors and will turn us into porcupines as soon as we walk out? But, that doesn’t make sense…

It was probably because Carter noticed the weird looks Roel was directing toward him that he quickly supplemented his words.

“It’s work. Some urgent matters cropped up, so I won’t be able to return home with you. That’s what I mean.”

“So that’s what you mean! Father, can you stop scaring me? I have a weak heart… Wait a moment, you just received the news?”

“Yes. His Highness Kane just informed the top brass of the Knight Orders of the matter. It’s likely that all of the military officers will be asked to stay back after the banquet.”

Carter sighed in deep worry, clearly brooding over something. His reaction made Roel realize that trouble had come. They were in the midst of a banquet starring both Nora and the Ascart House, and the venue used was the prestigious Saint Seshurs Hall too. In terms of scale, this was definitely grander than Nora’s birthday banquet.

For an urgent report to come in at a time like this, not to mention that all of the military officers would be asked to stay back to discuss the matter, it would appear that the situation was grim.

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Roel took a glance back into the hall, and he could easily spot over a hundred people dressed in military uniforms mingling in the hall. It would be a huge deal to get all of them to stay back.

“Father, is it convenient for you to tell me what is this about?” asked Roel with a hushed voice.

Carter visibly hesitated for a moment before sighing deeply once more.

“Forget it, you’ll find out about it eventually anyway… We have detected some deviants moving about in the vicinity of the Tark Stronghold.”

“What?! Dev—”

Before Roel could voice out his words, Carter had already pressed his hands over his mouth to muffle him. The father and son duo quickly scanned the surroundings, and they heaved sighs of relief after seeing that no one was watching them.

“This is a confidential military intelligence. We haven’t announced it out of fear that it could spread fear and panic amongst the populace. Make sure that you don’t let the news leak out as well.”

“I understand. But still… this matter is way too big.”

Roel swallowed a mouthful of saliva. From the moment he heard the news, his heart had been pounding nonstop. Discovering the activities of the deviants might seem like nothing much, but anyone who had

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