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In the Labyrinth Villa, Roel leaned against his chair as he exhaled deeply. From the period after lunch until now, he had a feeling like his life force was swiftly flowing through the cracks of his fingers, no matter how hard he tried to grasp at it. Through the conversation with Nora, Roel found out about the chain of events regarding the March Turmoil, as they went in this world, along with the final fates of the various characters involved…

… but he hadn’t forgotten about the one who had yet to pass away and had even appeared right before his eyes not too long ago.

“Felder is Bryan? This… How could this be possible?”

Even Nora, despite her deep trust in Roel, found it hard to believe him right away. She had seen Felder with her own eyes, and that golden-haired knight had left a deep impression on her. His righteous and loyal disposition was at odds with Bryan, who was like a cold-blooded, venomous snake.

“Roel, is it possible that you have made a mistake on this matter? Both Felder and Bryan share the same bloodline after all, so could there be a discrepancy in the results?”

“No, I don’t think that there’s a discrepancy in the results.”

Recalling the advice and Sorofyas’ investigation report he had heard from Mister Arwen, Roel was still rather confident about this matter.

“The spell I used has almost no chance of going wrong. It’s stated in history that Felder killed himself and died, but as we know now, the historical records can’t be trusted anymore. Furthermore, even if we take a step back and concede that Felder did indeed kill himself, given the power and influence the Elric House wielded back then, it’s not entirely impossible for them to find some sort of abstruse ritual to resurrect him.”

“I have heard of evil cults who possess the means to resurrect the dead, but most of them have drastic side effects, and the resurrected individual is likely to face a huge change in his personality too. Could that be the reason why the two of them are so different from one another?”

Nora tried to build on Roel’s deduction to analyze its feasibility. They concluded that the deduction was not entirely implausible, but there was also no irrefutable evidence to prove the matter. In the end, she decided to inform her elders in the Xeclyde House regarding the matter.

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“However, as we don’t have any evidence regarding this, we can’t use this matter as a pretext to investigate the Elric House.”

“Yes, I understand that. I wasn’t expecting to deal a blow to the Elric House through this matter either. I just thought that I should warn you that the Elrics could be more sinister than what we see on the surface.”

Roel’s serious words brought a surge of warmth to Nora’s heart, and green light began sprouting from her head. While the two of them chatted with one another, the conversation inevitably arrived at the kiss which brought about a huge stir amongst nobles and

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