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Roel was extremely moved by Alicia’s sentiments. It was no wonder why they always said that a daughter was like a father’s fluffy pillow. Even though Roel was only an older brother, he could thoroughly feel Alicia’s warmth. He pulled her into an embrace and stroked her glistening silver hair. Slowly, he could feel his heart calming down once more.

As for Alicia… she only felt that her older brother had a really tough life.

Big brother Roel has really gone through too much having to grow up on his own. He lost his mother at a young age, and his father had hardly any time to accompany him. His transcendental ability awakened slowly at the start, resulting in many suspecting that he has no talents as a transcendent.

It wasn’t easy for the two of us to discover warmth in one another, but the domineering royal family suddenly decided to butt right in. From that old man that schemes with a kind face down to that unreasonable princess, all of them only wish to take advantage of big brother Roel.

They are really all a bunch of baddies!

Alicia harrumphed indignantly in her mind. It was obvious that she carried great prejudice against the Xeclydes, She felt that her peaceful life with Roel had derailed ever since they met Nora.

And, as if life hadn’t been harsh enough on him, he had to face the dilemma of having to accept a stepmother! Just thinking about how tragic Roel’s life was really shattered Alicia’s heart.

O’ great Sia, why is this world so vicious to big brother Roel?

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Alicia’s rose-tinted glasses had made Roel out to be the very symbol of perfection. Any difficulties he faced had to be due to either the capriciousness of the world or the schemings of others. Due to such beliefs, her eyes began brimming with tears as she snuggled against Roel in his embrace.

“Lord Brother, do you think that Lord Father would listen to our opinions and give up on it?”

Alicia’s words made Roel jolt a little. He glanced at the teary face of the young girl in his embrace, and he suddenly felt a stabbing pain in his heart.

I nearly forgot that Alicia’s father died on the battlefield. It wasn’t easy for her to accustom herself to the Ascart House, but our father suddenly has to head to the battlefield again. This matter probably poked at one of the traumas in her heart.

Roel was very conflicted inside, but he didn’t want to lie to Alicia. He could only give her a response that did little to alleviate her uneasiness.

“It’ll be hard. In a sense, it’s his wish to be able to do this.”

Those serving in the military had their own pride and hot-bloodedness. They believed that the role they played, even if it ended in death, would safeguard the safety of their loved ones.

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Carter was the patriarch of the Ascart House, but judging by how he devoted his efforts toward the military, even neglecting the Ascart Fiefdom for it,

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