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In the Control Room, Charlotte nervously looked at the vice-captain, who was busy assessing and commanding the battlefield. She took a controlled, silent breath before quietly walking away and opening a door. Beyond the door was a flight of stairs leading deeper into the core of the ship.

She slowly walked down the flight of stairs as she looked distractedly at the gleaming seven-colored jewel she held in her hand.

The shaking ship made the soles of her feet slightly numb. Even through layers of walls, she could still hear the impassioned war cries of the soldiers on the ship’s deck. Yet, those did nothing to rouse Charlotte’s morale; instead, her heart felt extremely heavy.

As the First Miss of the Sorofyas, while Charlotte had never experienced the brutality of the battlefield before her current adventures, she wasn’t a weak, sheltered princess either. Born with strong transcendent abilities, her life was bound to be not peaceful. Even so, this battle was still difficult for her to bear.

Because it was an internal war.

Unlike the Scalemen and sea monsters they had fought previously, the ones fighting this time around were humans, not to mention that they were all Charlotte’s ancestors. There was no doubt that the one Charlotte was supporting was Isabella, but still, even if they won this battle, there was nothing to celebrate over.

In the end, they were just whittling down their own forces. Regardless of who won, it was still a loss for the descendants of the High Elf Bloodline.

Isabella was well aware of Charlotte’s thoughts. Had it been possible, she—as well as everyone else in the Sofya House—would have done everything they could to avert this battle. She could relate to how Charlotte felt, and that was why she chose to keep the girl away from the battlefield, despite her overwhelming talents. It would be too tragic to stain the hands of someone as young as Charlotte with the blood of her clan members.

Charlotte slipped the seven-colored gemstone, which could form an absolute defensive barrier at a critical moment, into her pocket before slowly heading to where the egg was. She had to stay here to fulfill the mission Isabella had entrusted her with in case things went awry.

In the unlikely case that the Golden Fleet fell in defeat, Charlotte would activate the Perpetual Seal and ensure that the egg of the Glacier Creator was permanently buried in the depths of the sea.

Walking across the frozen ground, Charlotte suddenly found herself reminiscing the leisurely days she spent in the huge study room in the Ascart Fiefdom, flipping through record after record with Roel. It was tiring and they hardly made any progress at all, but looking back, those days were still oddly fulfilling.

Every morning, she would be welcomed by a cup of flower tea brewed by Roel personally before diving into the records. Then, he would poke fun at her love for sweet food and remind her to head down for breakfast. They ofte

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