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Reconstruction of Bloodline? What in the world is that? Also, what’s the Crown’s Stone…

Roel was dumbfounded by the sudden barrage of notifications coming from the System. Never would he have thought that a calamity that concerned the survival of all human civilization would actually be related to his bloodline.


【Initialization of ‘Reconstruction of Bloodline’ successful.】

【Inspecting the mutation of the Crown’s Stone. Conducting preliminary assessment of its tier.】

【System Evaluation: Can be assimilated】

【Recommended Assimilation Level: A】

【Reassessing the rate of growth of the mutated Crown’s Stone according to the user’s condition.】

【Recommended Assimilation Level: B+】




【The user hasn’t reached the recommended assimilation level. Assimilation of the mutated Crown’s Stone will be risky. Activating Assimilation Support System.】

【Estimated cost of the Assimilation Support System: 300,000 gold coins】

【User doesn’t have sufficient balance at the moment. Activating Loan Function】

【In view that this is not the first loan, an interest rate of 10% per month will be charged on the principal sum.】

【You are borrowing 300,000 gold coins at an interest rate of 10% per month.】


The huge wave of incoming notifications left Roel’s eyes in a blur, but there were two words that caught his attention right away:Loan Function.

That darned Loan Function again!

When Roel saw that he didn’t have enough money to support the activation of the Assimilation Support System, he knew that he had fallen into a pit. Without disappointing him, the System offered a loan once again, and this time around, it was even charging an exorbitant interest rate!

At an interest rate of 10% a month, Roel would have to pay a whopping 30,000 gold coins just to offset the interest! Even robbing a bank wouldn’t be as efficient as this!

What in the world is this? Is this like an adaptation of payday loans? Is the System trying to rip me off here?

“Don’t you think that your interest rate is too high? Even the finances of the Ascart Fiefdom won’t be able to manage the upkeep on the loan with this sort of interest rate!”

【Risk and reward come hand in hand. The chances of a Crown’s Stone appearing is extremely low, and the successful assimilation of it can enhance the user’s abilities. However, strong abilities tend to come with side effects. The user should make the decision himself.】


Roel fell silent after hearing the words and warning from the System. Without a doubt, he was paying a huge price for the loan this time around, but just as what the System said, this was also an opportunity for him—a fortuitous encounter, some might call it.

While he had no idea how the Glacier Creator was related to the Crown Origin Attribute, it was obvious that the strength of this civilization destroyer was bound to be amazing.

In fact, thinking back

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