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Explosions, the cries of sea creatures, and the heat and the breathing of the black-haired boy lying next to her—all these sensations were dominating Charlotte’s senses.

Despite being in the midst of a fight, being in such close proximity to Roel still made her heart beat rapidly. However, she quickly shook the mood off and focused on the battle once more.

The huge explosion caused both sides to come to a momentary ceasefire as they tried to comprehend what had happened. Charlotte, who was lying in Roel’s embrace, opened her eyes and noticed that the mana pulsations in the area had amazingly vanished all at once.

Realizing that this was a perfect opportunity todo it, she decisively raised her gun once more, but this time around, it was aimed at no other than the black-haired boy embracing her.


“Trust me!”

Roel was initially shocked, but after hearing her words, he hesitantly nodded in agreement. The trigger was pulled, and a resplendent white burst of light swiftly expanded before his eyes, eventually filling up his field of vision.

By the time the light died down, he realized that his surroundings had changed. He took a look around him and found that he was surrounded by a bunch of dumbfounded shipmates staring at him.

“W-wasn’t this lad over there earlier on? How in the world did he suddenly appear here?”

Before they could get to the root of this bizarre phenomenon, the sound of a trigger being pulled echoed from the distance once more, and a blurred silhouette suddenly appeared right above them—Charlotte.

She landed squarely on Roel, who was already struggling to his feet, smashing him back down onto the deck.

“Pu! Cough cough!”

It was fortunate Charlotte’s good figure had softened the fall. Despite the forceful impact, Roel managed to recover with just a couple of coughs.

Before the two of them could celebrate their little success, the shipmates suddenly dashed right up to them, scaring them.

“Wait a moment, we are…”

“You need not explain yourself, we understand!”


Huh? What do you understand?

Roel was confused. He had even prepared an elaborate explanation beforehand to ensure that he could convince the crew that they weren’t hostile, but it ended up going to waste.

Without any hesitation, the shipmates gathered around them turned their bodies around, pointing their weapons outward. They were ready to fend off any enemies who dared to approach them.

“Child, do you know how to operate a ship?”


Captain Jeff approached Charlotte, who was being shielded behind Roel, with beaming eyes as he posed a question to her. However, Charlotte only looked visibly bewildered in response, which practically answered Jeff’s question by itself. He quickly turned to the ship’s doctor and howled.

“Do whatever you need, but you must keep Laure alive! At the very least, buy him enough time to impart to this child the method to control the electric n

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