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“Winstor? He sent you here?”

Right outside SS Saint Paul’s Control Room, Isabella reassessed the black-haired, golden-eyed boy before her in astonishment.

What’s going on here? Was it a misunderstanding? Are these two youths really on our side? Wait a moment, that isn’t right!

“From what I know, Winstor doesn’t have any younger brother. Furthermore, if you’re truly from the Ascart House, there’s even less of a reason for you to be here. I’ve already sent a letter to Winstor informing him that there’s no need to send anyone over.”

“Your Majesty, are you referring to the letter saying that you would be arriving at the Twohorn Port in mid April?”

“Hm? You’ve seen that letter?”

“Of course. In order to be of aid to Your Majesty, it’s necessary for me to gather as much information as possible. Our patriarch has even shown the letter to me.”

Under Isabella’s shocked gaze, Roel calmly reached into his inner pocket to retrieve an envelope bearing a golden seal.

“Your Majesty, this is the token my older brother gave me when he sent me here. Due to the distortions in space and time caused by the teleportation from the Twilight Sages Assembly, the letter is in a brittle state. Please handle it with care.”

Roel presented the envelope to Isabella with both hands while looking at the queen with a warm smile, as if he was aware of the close relationship she had with his ‘older brother’. Isabella hesitated for a moment before receiving the envelope.

Why is this fellow so good at duping other people?

Behind Roel, Charlotte was trying her best to control her facial expression while feeling utterly speechless at the lies Roel was spouting one after another. His ability to weave all of his lies together convincingly was truly worthy of admiration.

You sure are… Thank Sia I put up my guard right from the start, or else I might have been deceived by you too!

While Charlotte was patting her heart in relief, Isabella stroked the familiar envelope containing the letter she personally wrote. She noticed that there were clear traces of age on the paper, resulting in its exterior becoming rather brittle. Barke paper was known to be long-lasting and resilient; it would take centuries to wear it down to such a state.

“… I never thought that such a thing was possible. Was it ‘Academic’ who sent you here?”

Isabella’s suspicions had mostly faded with the submission of evidence, but she hadn’t put her guard down completely yet. Faced with this question, Roel spent a short while thinking it over before shaking his head.

“My apologies, Your Majesty. While I do know the person who teleported us over is a member of the Twilight Sages Assembly, I’m not privy to his identity as I’m not in the Assembly myself. I’ve only heard my older brother mention the matter in passing.”

“Then what does he look like?”

“… I don’t know that either. All we saw was a blurred figure.”

Faced with Isabella’s persistent questioning,

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