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Inside the hold of the flagship, the crisp ringing of a gun’s trigger being pulled echoed several times in succession. Shattered gemstones morphed into golden light and scattered all over Roel’s body.

Under Charlotte’s relentless shots, the area around the Glacier Creator turned into a sea of flames. The onslaught of heat alleviated Roel’s condition, granting him his sanity back. However, it only took several seconds for the raging sea of flames to be put out in this cold environment.

The spell flames were like the flickerings of a candle on a windy night, always on the verge of being put out. However, Charlotte couldn’t care less. A dozen gemstones were only enough to provide Roel with a moment of warmth, but fortunately, she had more trump cards than this.

“Roar with ferocity.”

Charlotte’s emerald eyes suddenly glowed brilliantly as her bloodline began to heat up. She gave off the powerful disposition of a queen commanding an army of a thousand soldiers. Under her orders, the golden fluid wrapped around the egg began to move.


An intense buzzing sound began to echo from the core of the ship. The golden fluid flowing through the pipes of the ship quickly gushed toward the origin of the frost, charging like an order of mounted knights. The shipmates looked at one another in confusion, perplexed as to what was going on.

At the same time, Isabella began making her move too.

“I see. So this is the ability of the Ascart House? How mysterious. It’s no wonder why the Assembly would send you here. As the big sister here, it’s only right for me to give you a push on the back.”

Looking at the duo fighting against the egg in the ship’s hold beneath her, Isabella’s final lingering doubts had at last been dispelled. A refreshing smile surfaced on her lips as the golden constellation of an ancient god suddenly formed behind her. It was the same one Charlotte had summoned during her first meeting with Roel, but the one summoned by Isabella had an even clearer presence.

“Arbiter of Fate!”

The beautiful and valiant woman ordered with her clear voice, and the golden constellation behind her raised the balance in its hand. At the same time, Isabella lifted her hand, and golden light began congregating in her hands to form 10 small chips.

“Charlotte, take a good look. This is the real way to use our bloodline. We aren’t servants but makers of fate!

“These are the chips that we have manifested as leverage using the fate of our lives. Be it our family, friends, or subordinates, glory or shame, prosperity or destruction; everything is encompassed within these 10 chips. With these as stakes, I shall steer the flow of fate!”

Isabella gazed down on the duo from the top of the stairs as she spoke. Stars began to fill the upper area of the ship’s hold as the golden constellation of the Goddess of Fate stretched her hand forth, and images began appearing on each side of the balance she was holding.

On one si

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