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Inside a shadowy mountain valley, Roel stared at the cluster of mountains in the distance in a daze. A golden-haired woman gradually manifested from the darkness, appearing atop the old throne before him. She had a shapely figure that could be vaguely discerned under her traditional long robe, and her hair was emanating golden light particles.

“We meet again. It looks like you have managed to overcome the crisis, though I have to admit that I was rather surprised to see that you didn’t use my blessing. Should I compliment you for that? Or was it an intentional act on your part?”

“Intentional? What do you mean by that?”

“Fear and dread, these are the emotions that humans naturally bear toward us. Powerful beings like us are bound to be feared. It’s the natural instinct of intelligent beings to dread manipulation.”


Roel looked into the glowing, assessing eyes of the golden-haired woman before him as he considered her statement carefully.

“I’m not guarding against you. Rather than to say that I’m unwilling to use your spell, it would be more accurate to say that I can’t bear to use it.”

“You can’t bear to use it?”

Under Peytra’s penetrating gaze, Roel lowered his head slightly in contemplation, attempting to make sense of his thoughts.

“I have a feeling that a greater danger is encroaching. It wasn’t worth bringing out my trump card for the scuffle earlier on. I want to reserve my greatest power for the most critical moment.”

“Oh? I didn’t think that you would have such a high opinion of my blessing. It pleases me to hear such words. Indeed, treasuring the blessing I bestowed upon you is a show of respect to me. It’s pleasing to see that you know of respect.”

Peytra’s mood seemed to have lifted as her lips curled up. However, there was still a small doubt she had left.

“I noticed that your own self is at odds with your age.”

“My own self?”

“Yes. It’s impossible to lie to me in my world. This is a place that strips off all disguises to reveal one’s truest self.”

“… Is that so? That would explain why I feel a little peculiar here.”

Roel nodded in realization as he finally knew what the unnatural feeling constantly nudging him was. The woman eyed Roel intently as the light in her slitted eyes intensified.

“In any case, you have fulfilled the first promise. I should probably bring out my sincerity too.”

Peytra’s golden eyes seemed to glow even brighter. Under her piercing gaze, Roel felt a slight burning sensation in his eyes, causing him to squint a little.

“What did you do?”

“It’s just a small gift. You’ll know it once you activate the spell,” remarked Peytra with a smile lingering on her lips.

Her eyes remained focused on Roel, but she seemed to be seeing something even further. There was a moment of silence before she pressed her lips together and questioned.

“I heard from that fellow that you have a question to ask?”

“That fellow?”

“I’m referring t

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