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What do men dream of?

Roel couldn’t really speak on behalf of others, but to him, there were two greatest romances he had.

Whopping big cannons and huge ass warships!

Whenever he played military strategy games in his previous life, he had a tendency to blindly expand his army with as much firepower as possible, so that he could obliterate his enemies. There was an overwhelming rush of elation whenever he took it right to his enemies’ faces. He had never thought that he would get to experience it in person.

“Woohoo! We got ‘em!”

The deafening cheers from the crowd were like a matchstick that had set alight the dreams Roel carried buried in the depths of his heart from his previous life.

Just as I thought, all cannons need to be huge!

-Devout Cannon Cult Believer Roel

Infected by the contagious merry atmosphere, Roel joined in the crowd and cheered loudly too. Seeing this, Captain Jeff burst out in laughter. He was familiar with this response—every young man who had witnessed the concentrated firepower of the Golden Fleet would usually reveal such fervent excitement. In fact, there were even a few who would reverently stroke the thick cannon barrel at the ship’s bow.

The octopus-like sea monster had been vaporized under the concentrated firepower of the Golden Fleet, and this attack effectively changed the trajectory of the battle. Without the sea monster’s support, the remaining Scalemen were no longer able to threaten the Golden Fleet anymore. Left with no choice, they could only dive back into the sea in hurried retreat.

Seeing this, the crewmates all heaved deep sighs of relief. The joy of overcoming a dire situation made everyone lose control of their emotions; there were some who started laughing uncontrollably, and there were also some who broke down in tears. It all made for a ridiculous scene.

Roel was feeling quite agitated too, but he didn’t forget his own companion, who made sure to cover his back throughout the battle. So, he gathered whatever energy he had left and dragged himself toward the Control Room, where he saw Charlotte resting against the rudder.

“Charlotte, you really are a genius!”

In his feverish state, Roel rushed right up to the auburn-haired girl and gave her a tight hug. He was too excited to pay any heed to propriety, and his actions were driven entirely by instincts. Charlotte, on the other hand, was caught off guard from the sudden intimacy and became flustered.

“W-what are you doing? Let me go!”

Charlotte was exhausted from having expended her mana, but being wrapped up in Roel’s embrace caused her temperature to skyrocket once more. Her face quickly grew red, and she began hammering on Roel’s back. Unfortunately, her weak protest was hardly enough to wake Roel from his overexcited state. In fact, it wasn’t even enough to catch his notice at all.

Meanwhile, Roel had turned his attention to his System Interface.

【Evaluation: Average (56)】


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