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Down in the ship’s hold, two youths who had barely gotten out of danger hugged each other tightly. Upon hearing Roel’s decision to pursue the enemy, Charlotte couldn’t help but feel deeply uneasy, especially since she had just experienced the terror of the enemy personally.

“It’s the sea outside. That monster will have the field advantage out there with its liquid body.”

“You’re right, but it’ll be different when I’m there.”

“But still…”

“His ability allows him to conceal amidst the Golden Soul. It’s obvious that he was sent here specifically to assassinate you and Isabella. He has to die, and the only one who can do it is me.”

Roel placed his hands on Charlotte’s face to look right into her quivering eyes. Under the effects of his ability, he felt as cold as ice, but his words were gentle.

“Listen to me and wait here.”

“… Alright.”

Under Roel’s intent gaze, Charlotte nodded her head with a furious blush. She activated the seven-colored gemstone in her hand, whereas Roel leaped up and disappeared in a flurry of snow.

Cannons, arrows, and war cries; these were the sounds dominating the battlefield.

With both sides going all out, the battle between the Golden Fleet and Gordon’s fleet escalated. Every moment, a severely injured or dead sailor would plummet into the sea, dyeing the surface with a layer of fresh blood.

The utterly chaotic battlefield and the presence of the sea should have been highly advantageous to the fluid humanoid monster, but he was devoid of his usual confidence and leisureliness now.

That was because a stronger natural predator was right on his tail.

Cold was the natural enemy of a being made out of fluid, and he was being eyed by an opponent who completely curbed him. He had no idea what was giving him away, but despite being completely surrounded by water, his enemy was somehow still able to sniff him out.

To him, Roel was like the Soulstealer in legends. Everything about him was mystifying, be it his sudden surge in strength, those golden eyes that could find him no matter where he hid, or that terrifying frost aura he emanated. All of these factors were leaving him deeply unnerved.

The fluid humanoid monster would have never imagined that things were actually much more straightforward.

【Fluid Lifeform Puppet: Douglas Rodrick】

That was basically what Roel was seeing.

From the moment the puppet Douglas controlled snuck onto the ship, the Calamity of Bloodshed had already activated, allowing Roel to clearly see the monster sliding through the deck to enter the ship hold. Upon realizing that Charlotte could very well be his target, he rushed over without any hesitation.

As it turned out though, Roel’s actions were still a little too reckless. Even when using both the powers of the frost aura and the skeleton giant manifestation, there was still a massive difference in power that nearly sent him tumbling through the gates of hell. It was only fo

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