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What was the environment like back in Winstor and Isabella’s era?

As Roel was transported into this Witness State too abruptly, he didn’t get a chance to investigate this crucial piece of information thoroughly. Nevertheless, through the huge collection of records he had read thus far, he could still roughly map out Winstor’s life and make some deductions.

The current date was Third Epoch Year 261.

This was a momentous year for all historians in the future as it marked the first war between humans and deviants.

Humankind remembered this period of time to be dark and terrifying. Everyone’s attention was focused on the huge battles occurring at the eastern border, leaving very little attention on the southern border, where the elusive and little-known Sofya Kingdom was located. The war with the deviants resulted in the massive destruction of literary works and records, dealing a huge blow to humankind’s culture.

That could be the reason why there were hardly any records of the Sofya Kingdom in later generations.

However, Roel had just learned that the current Sofya Kingdom—or at least Queen Isabella—wasn’t really isolated from other nations. They hadn’t been just relishing in the prosperous haven they had created for themselves.

“Six Calamities? Big sister Isabella, what’s that?”

“Oh? Has Winstor not told you about that? Oh well, I guess that’s only to be expected. He’s quite tight-lipped when it comes to such matters.”

Hearing Charlotte’s question, Isabella casually rested her head on her arm as she replied. A moment later, she suddenly chuckled awkwardly before adding on.

“I suppose I ought to be keeping this matter confidential too. However, due to the nature of our clan, practically everyone onboard the ships knows about it. So, I can’t really be bothered to hide it either. Roel, you read the letter, right? Aren’t you curious what ‘egg’ refers to?”

“Wait a moment, are you saying that…”

“Yes. The Golden Fleet has received a request from the Twilight Sages Assembly to transport an egg of the Six Calamities.”

As Isabella explained the matter, she glanced out of the window to watch the ship’s white flag fluttering high up in the sky. She picked up her cup and took a small sip of wine. There was a considerable moment of silence before she finally asked a question with a deep, grave voice.

“Do the two of you believe in fate?”


Isabella’s abrupt question left Roel and Charlotte taken aback. Roel displayed his confusion at the bewildering question he was posed with, whereas Charlotte, who was much more familiar with the topic, gave the question some thought before finally answering slowly.

“Fate is a very broad term that encompasses many fields. Depending on your area of focus, the answer could vary greatly. May I know what kind of fate you are referring to here?”

“Hmm. If I have to give a term to it, it’d be the fate of humankind.”


Isabella’s response left C

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