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Inside the ship cabin, Charlotte’s body stiffened at Isabella’s words.

“B-big sister Isabella, what did you say?”

“Hm? You didn’t hear me clearly? This is troublesome. There isn’t any time to be wasted on explanations now.”

Isabella looked at the unconscious Roel with a deep frown before decisively pushing Charlotte toward where he laid. Trying her best to maintain a poker face, she pointed to Roel’s lips and spoke words that left no room for doubt.

“Kiss him right now!”

“Ah? No, I mean, w-why do I have to do that…”

Charlotte glanced at the unconscious Roel as a furious blush dyed her cheeks. Her mind was filled with question marks as she looked at the ‘big sister’ behind her with utterly bewildered eyes.

Seeing how pure Charlotte was, Isabella sighed deeply in worry. Without a doubt, Charlotte was an outstanding individual, be it her beautiful appearance, her kind and gentle heart, or her amazing talent. Even Isabella dared not say that she was superior to Charlotte.

However, if there was one flaw to pick about the girl, it would be her naivety when it came to relationship matters. She was simply too innocent, and she got shy too easily.

The veteran Isabella couldn’t help but reminisce about her own romance experience. Back then, when she was still young and adventuring around, she met Winstor for the first time in an ancient ruin. The two of them had a small conflict, which escalated into a fight. She was still quite hot-headed back then, so she mercilessly pummeled Winstor with her proficient Jewel Magic. However, in the midst of doing so, she accidentally triggered a mechanism which trapped the two of them underground.

It was from there on that the tables turned.

Isabella might be powerful, but she was only interested in the wealth hidden in the ancient ruins. She didn’t have any interest in archaeology at all, so her knowledge about such ancient ruins was limited. It was the younger and weaker Winstor who stood up in this situation, taking the lead with his broad range of knowledge. The two of them made peace with one another and worked closely with one another to navigate through the ancient ruins. Eventually, they managed to find a way out.

This life-and-death experience they shared became the foundation of their relationship, though to her chagrin, she later found out that it had been a love at first sight for Winstor—or to be more exact, he fell in love with her after getting beaten up by her.

To be honest, Isabella had felt a little weirded out by this, and she even suspected if Winstor had some kind of strange fetish. However, Winstor had conducted himself quite normally over the years, so she eventually shrugged it off.

Later on, the two of them teamed up and ventured to many places. Their abilities also swiftly grew stronger over the course of their journey.

However, Isabella had been hesitant to reveal her identity as the successor of the Sofya Kingdom. She knew that Wins

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