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Over the course of the day, Roel got to experience firsthand the strategic difference of having a healer on the team. Knowing that he could count on Charlotte to treat him, he began exploiting his abilities without any worries.

Watch how the enemies go brr under my frost aura!

Now that he knew the great prowess of Glacier Touch, he specifically chose to hunt down stronger enemies. Even if he got injured, all he had to do was to find ‘Omnipotent Plaster’ Charlotte to heal him up. She needed to train her control over the Golden Soul anyway.

Admittedly, it was also quite comfortable hugging Charlotte, and it healed his soul too.

Of course, Roel was a person with a sense of propriety, so he made sure to avoid doing anything inappropriate to Charlotte. He also wasn’t intentionally exploiting his new spell to take advantage of her. He too needed to familiarize himself with his new ability.

Glacier Touch was a rare spell manifested directly from his Crown Origin Attribute. According to the System, Glacier Creator was a mutation of the Crown’s Stone. Roel didn’t understand the true significance behind what that meant, but he at least could tell that this was a spell exclusive to him and him alone.

Unlike the Strength Origin Attribute and undead reanimation spells that he had been leeching off Grandar, Glacier Touch was a spell that truly belonged to Roel, which meant that it was possible for him to further develop it. The more he used it, the stronger it would become.

Indeed, Roel was trying to raise his mastery of Glacier Touch at the moment, mainly to assuage the unease he felt.

Roel thought that his interference had curbed the egg, allowing the flagship SS Saint Mary to speed up significantly. With this, the Golden Fleet should be able to shake off its enemies, and he and Charlotte would be able to leave peacefully in two days’ time. However, earlier in the afternoon, he heard some words from Isabella that stoked his worries.

“Things are not looking good. The Silver Hawk lost sight of Gordon and his forces two days ago and we haven’t seen them since.”

Silver Hawks were flying magic tools used to scan the vicinity to scout out intelligence and search for enemies. Made out of silver and gemstones and fueled by mana, they could travel far faster than any ordinary bird.

Isabella and Gordon had been keeping a close eye on one another all this while, but ever since Roel and Charlotte’s arrival, Gordon’s fleet had suddenly vanished without a trace. Clearly, their arrival had forced Gordon to alter the original strategy, cloaking the future with a veil of uncertainty.

On the surface, Roel looked unfazed by news of the disappearance of Gordon’s fleet, but he was doubtlessly feeling unnerved on the inside. It manifested as restlessness, where he found himself unable to stay still at all.

He felt that he should at least try to raise his strength, even if just a little bit, so as to prepare himself for whateve

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