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A day later, in a dimly-lit ship cabin, an auburn-haired girl spoke in a voice quivering with deep frustration and helplessness.

“Say, can you stop moving around so much?”

“S-sorry, I can’t help it.”

“So, Mister Roel, can you explain why you had to use that spell? You nearly froze the entire ship!”

Charlotte chastised sharply, causing a cold, shivering Roel to cower before her ferocity. It took a while before Roel squeaked out an explanation with a guilty look on his face.

“I just wanted to give it a try. I didn’t expect to cause such a huge commotion. Cough cough, fine… I was wrong.”

“Hmph, forget it! I can’t be bothered with you.”

Taking into consideration Roel’s earnest repentance and his shivering body, Charlotte softened her stance a little. She snapped her fingers, and the gemstones embedded in the walls around the room began glowing brilliantly.

First, the rubies shone crimson light down on Roel where he laid, hastening his blood flow. This gemstone was typically used to stop bleeding for emergency treatments, but today, it was used in reverse to warm up Roel’s frigid body instead.

Following that, the gemstones harnessing spells to produce heat and absorb frost lit up, raising the temperature in the room. Under the brilliant light coming from all around, Roel’s condition began to improve.

With the preparatory work completed and the ‘surgical lights’ in place, it was time for the ‘chief surgeon’ to enter the operating theater.

Charlotte first placed her hand on Roel’s shoulder and waited for his trembling kneecaps to calm down a little before finally sitting down on them. She pressed herself lightly against Roel’s chest before her body began emanating a slight glow.

Golden Soul, this was one of the key items used by possessors of the High Elf Bloodline to draw out the true prowess of their abilities. Despite its name, it was actually a magic tool made out of a concoction of ingredients, though it did contain small bits of gold too. It was fluid in form, but it could solidify at will.

The reason the Golden Fleet acquired its name was because of the Golden Soul flowing within its ships. It served as a medium that amplified the power of spells cast by the possessors of the High Elf Bloodline by more than tenfold.

The keels of the Golden Fleet were made out of solidified Golden Soul, which ensured that the ship wouldn’t fall apart regardless of the impacts it suffered. As for the other functions, such as acceleration and bombardment, those were left to the fluid Golden Soul circulating within the ship. All in all, the system of the ship was quite technologically advanced.

It was with this piece of technology that the Sofya Kingdom was able to suppress even the Seafolk, becoming the true dominant power on the seas.

Of course, commanding the Golden Fleet had its own drawbacks as well. For one, the Golden Soul could only be controlled by those who had inherited the bloodline of the

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