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The following morning, Roel woke up to the sound of warning bells.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw the gemstones embedded in the walls glowing brightly crimson, causing his heart to clench up. The crimson gemstone represented danger to the Golden Fleet, and the fact that it was lighting up only meant that enemies had appeared.

Roel could hear the sound of footsteps hurrying through the corridor. He quickly leaped to his feet, put on his coat, and rushed out. As soon as he stepped out, he saw Charlotte coming out of the cabin opposite to him.

“Roel, it’s an enemy attack,” said Charlotte with an uneasy frown.

Roel nodded without much expression on his face, but in his heart, he heaved a deep sigh.

Despite everything I tried, it was still impossible to avert danger.

【Countdown to the end of Witness State: 24 hours 47 minutes】

Looking at the countdown on the System, Roel knew that it was impossible for him to circumvent the final battle. With just a day left, there was no way they could stall the enemies till they reached dry land. They had to either win the battle or die at sea.

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So, Roel grabbed Charlotte’s hand and rushed to the deck together with her. It was utter chaos along the way; people were rushing about, shouting instructions or conveying the situation to the others.

Once they arrived on the deck, they realized that the crowd were looking eastward, where under the rising sun, a phantom like fleet was appearing on the horizon.

It was a fleet that looked similar to the Golden Fleet, but the insignia on the flag they sailed under had taken on another appearance. The anchor had been replaced by six specks of golden light encircling a golden rose. Without a doubt, the six specks of golen light represented the Six Calamities that Gordon’s faction worshiped as the God’s Envoys.

Roel also soon discovered the reason why this fleet was able to catch up with the Golden Fleet despite their hastened speed—the interference of the Seafolk.

Under the glowing eastern sun, humongous sea monsters with long tentacles were gradually descending back into the waters. Their race had always abhorred strong light, and they would only appear in the dark. Nevertheless, the fact that they had been traveling alongside Gordon’s fleet showed that they had formed an alliance to retrieve the egg.

“Gordon shouldn’t have the ability to communicate with the Seafolk. Why would those gill bastards help him?”

“Gordon’s conservative faction doesn’t have the means to pull it off, but our enemies aren’t just limited to them.”

Isabella was also assessing the enemy fleet approaching from the horizon together with her crewmates a grave look on her face.

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“It’s probably the Saints Convocation’s interference.”

Isabella issued an order, and dozens of warships swiftly got into a battle formation to prepare

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