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How powerful was Roel? Hardly anyone had the answer to that. Whether it was Alicia, Carter, or Anna, no one in the Ascart House had ever seen him make a move before.

The strong army of guards constantly patroling around to ensure his safety made Charlotte misunderstand that Roel was a weak academic.

In truth, there was no way someone who was contracted with Grandar could be weak. Roel had grown greatly over the last two years under Grandar’s tutelage. He was no longer the same person he used to be.

Aside from the fact that he had reached the pinnacle of Origin Level 5, just his Crown Origin Attribute made him stronger than his fellow peers. His mana was more condensed, and he was able to channel it faster than others. On top of that, the Crown Origin Attribute also had its unique trait too.

【Reclamation of Glory

A warrior from ancient times has returned. A power that has vanished, after passing down from hand to hand, finally returns to its homeland.】

The System’s description was useless, as usual, but anyway, the Crown Origin Attribute allowed him to tap into the power of the ancient being he had contracted with to a certain degree. That meant that he could utilize Grandar’s Strength Origin Attribute and some of his undead reanimation spells.

Overwhelming raw strength was actually extremely terrifying in battle. When complemented by Roel’s spells, it turned him into a nightmare for his enemies. The creature, by the standards of human transcendents power level, was at least at Origin Level 5, but Roel was able to crush its head with just a single strike.

“I’m able to protect myself, and as your fiancé and the one who opened up the path to this fragment of history, I’m obliged to protect you too.”


“My apologies, but I don’t intend to open up this matter to discussion… Furthermore, it isn’t a good time for discussion either. These creatures appear to be Scalemen from the Scale Tribe. This ship has been attacked by the Seafolk, and it doesn’t look like things are going well for them at the moment.”

Roel raised his hand and halted Charlotte’s words. He glanced up to look through the hole on the deck, where silhouettes could be seen swiftly flitting by, and he gained a rough idea about the current circumstances they were in.

Logically speaking, their more likely allies here should be the humans, and the invading Seafolk was their enemies. Unfortunately, of the seven or so humanoid figures rushing past the hole peering onto the deck, he noticed that only two of them were humans. Also, very few of the comprehensible shouts sounded human. Piecing all of this evidence together…

Crap, we’re going to lose!

At this thought flashed across his mind, Roel felt his heart sinking into the depth of the abyss. They were in the middle of the sea right now—even a fool could tell that the Seafolk would have the advantage here! If this ship were to collapse, both he and Charlotte would be done for

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