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“What are you all looking at? You’re all dismissed!”

“You! What are you laughing at? Drop that smile from your face! You are forbidden from smiling!”

It was a terrible lunch for Roel. The stress coming from the judging eyes around him left him nearly with a stomach ache despite the good food served to him.

Damn it! Why do I feel so humiliated? I feel like I’m going to drop dead from the embarrassment!

Regardless of whether it was when the chef was explaining the origin of the fish fillet with a bright smile or when the famed musicians that he had invited from Loren played a melodious, uplifting tune, he would somehow think of that humiliating moment when he was left standing alone in the middle of the room, the center of everyone’s attention.

That nasty woman! How can she abandon me after doing all of that! That’s too much!

Roel would love nothing more than to seal that public shaming Charlotte had delivered to him into the recycle bin in his head labeled ‘Dark History’, but it was easier said than done. He felt that this would be a mental trauma that would make his fingers curl up out of sheer cringe even years from now.

That empty chair before me sure feels ironic. Ahhhhh! Don’t make me recall that memory again!

Roel gnashed his teeth as he ripped his fish fillet apart.

How could that woman use her bloodline ability three times in a row to humiliate me?

It was fortunate that most of those present were his people, but those knowing smiles that they kept directing toward him left him feeling so awkward and mentally stressed that it felt like he would develop a brain tumor out of this.

Or is this some kind of ploy to assassinate me through shame?

Also, the incident did spark a sliver of doubt in Roel’s mind—what in the world was with that divination?

He took a huge gulp of refreshing chilled mead to cool his emotions and exhaled deeply before beginning to run through what had happened earlier. The current turn of events was not very desirable, and there was a need for him to think of a way to resolve the situation.

While it was not explicitly stated in the game, the clues seemed to suggest that their engagement hadn’t been annulled at that time, likely because game-Roel had refused to do so. So, if he wanted to remove his death flag with Charlotte, the best way to do so was to sit down with her and peacefully talk things over.

However, the complications that happened along the way made that harder than it had to be.

For some reason, Charlotte had abandoned all of the frontloading to get straight to the point, but the results of her divination ironically painted a wonderful future for their union instead. Honestly, Roel was still having difficulties trying to come to terms with what had happened thus far. He had never seen such an amazing act of self-sabotage before.

“She was definitely intending to annul the engagement, but this outcome is really…”

Roel tugged at his hair wh

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