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Roel had a bad premonition.

On the other side of the table, a girl with auburn hair was directing a very ominous gaze his way. If he really had to describe it in words, it would be like a ravenous beast catching sight of food, or a completely destitute gambler stumbling upon gold by the side of the road. In any case, it was just bone-chilling!

“Wait a moment, Miss Charlotte. I think you need to calm down a bit first.”

Sharply sensing that things were headed in the wrong direction, Roel hurriedly interjected to cut off Charlotte’s train of thought, whatever it was. Years of dealing with Nora had trained up his sense for danger. He took a while to ponder over the situation before speaking up.

“We should first get our priorities straight. The purpose of this meeting is to examine our engagement; the incident with the Golden Fleet is just an accident, a mere intermission. The chances of it happening once more are incredibly slim.”

“I see. In other words, you’re saying that we need to ramp up the test cases in order to compensate for the high failure rate?”

“That’s not what I mean! In the first place, I don’t think I’m obliged to help you on this matter, right?”

Roel clasped his forehead speechlessly. Unexpectedly, his rejection only brought about a sinister smile on Charlotte’s face. At the next moment, her expression suddenly changed, and she raised her hand to wipe off her ‘tears’.

“Mister Roel, I never expected to hear such heartless words from you!”


“You made me declare our love before so many people through Arbiter of Fate, and yet, you wouldn’t even help me on this small request!”

“W-w-wait a moment! Stop it! Stop talking nonsense!”

The veteran actor Roel was completely flustered by Charlotte’s abrupt crying act. Half an hour ago, he was the one acting as a valiant man struggling to guard his house’s honor. Half an hour later, he ended up being placed in the role of a scumbag taking advantage of his weak fiancée.

“Mister Roel, have you forgotten the friendship forged by our ancestors when they joined hands to deal with a common enemy? I-I know that all men are fallible to lust and greed… For our ancestor’s honor, I’m willing to sacrifice my body and my assets to fulfill you. But in return, can’t you at least grant this one request of mine?”

“I… You…”

Roel pointed a trembling finger at the crying girl before him, but he was unable to find the words to refute her. He had never thought that this lofty looking young miss would actually have such a devious side to her. Her fake tears looked so genuine that anyone watching this scene would think that he was taking advantage of her!

“I-I’m warning you, don’t go overboard! You and I both know darn well the circumstances surrounding our engagement. Just half an hour ago, you were still trying to bribe me with money to annul it!”

“Yes, and I’m repenting on my folly right now. Besides, I don’t actually have the authority to annul

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