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What’s happening here?

In the study room, Roel had just woken up after a two-hour snooze. He stared at the blanket wrapped around him before turning to look at the auburn-haired girl seated beside him. The girl also turned over to look at him at the same moment, and their eyes met.

“Is this… yours?”


“… Thank you. My condition isn’t so good today, so I ended up falling asleep.”


Roel raised the blanket slightly as he thanked Charlotte. The latter nodded her head slightly without saying a word. Sensing that the mood was off, Roel took a closer look at her and noticed that the girl seemed to be angry.

Charlotte had a composed look on her face, and she hadn’t voiced any criticisms at all, but there was a slight change in theairshe gave off. She usually felt noble and inviolable, but at this moment, he could sense a sharp, stern feeling coming from her.

This was not the first time Roel was experiencing this change in theair, and he had even researched it before. The conclusion he arrived at was that it was a phenomenon produced when a transcendent’s mood influenced their mana fluctuations, which in turn affected the atmosphere.

However, this was no time to be geeking out. Roel first placed the blanket he was draped in lightly to the side before thinking back to see if he had done something wrong.

Is she angry because I slacked off a little? Surely not.

Roel refuted the thought with a shake of his head. Putting aside the fact that it was extremely inefficient to browse through the records in an exhausted state, even if he did slack off, Charlotte would probably just voice her disapproval.

Charlotte was truly an exemplary noblewoman through and through. Having squabbled with her for ten days now, Roel realized that her vocabulary for criticisms was severely limited, presumably due to her lack of knowledge of vulgar terms. Her criticisms were often limited to ‘greedy’, ‘shameless’, ‘childish’, and such relatively polite and inoffensive terms.

Roel, on the other hand, had encountered all sorts of colorful language on the internet in his previous life, so whenever Charlotte started spouting out her criticisms with a face reddened in frustration, he could only think of it as cute.

Besides, Charlotte was someone who had no lack of money. Someone like her wouldn’t get angry just because he slacked off a little. It was just like Bill Gates bending over to pick up a penny off the street—that was impossible!

So, what could the problem here be?

Roel secretly glanced at Charlotte, but she was still keeping her silence. Sensing that the atmosphere wasn’t really right to speak, he decided to dive back into his work. As a result, the uncomfortable tension lingered in the air for two whole minutes before the auburn-haired girl finally took the initiative to speak.

“How did you end up falling asleep today?”

“Ah, my condition just hasn’t been too good today.”

“Not in a good condition

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