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“Young miss, what do you think your current relationship with young master Roel is?”

Early in the morning, in Charlotte’s room, Grace was combing Charlotte’s hair as she posed a question. Upon hearing the question, Charlotte blanked for a moment before offering the same response she gave several days ago.

“We’re just a fake engaged couple in a business partnership. Didn’t you already ask me this question a few days ago?”


Hearing Charlotte’s response, the black-haired maid murmured broodingly to herself. She was unable to shake off the peculiar feeling that had been nudging her ever since a few days ago.

It had been more than a week since they arrived at the Ascarts’ manor, and during this period of time, Grace noticed an extremely severe problem. Whenever the two of them chatted, be it day or night, the frequency of acertain nameappearing was on the rise.

And there was a perfect example right now.

“I didn’t expect that Roel would be so well-versed in the Ancient Austine Language. Why would someone from the Theocracy like him go and learn something like that?”

“His clothes yesterday were not too bad. It’s just that the design is a little out of fashion. If we could just tighten the fabric around the shoulders…”

“ I’m not too sure about it, but it looks like his transcendent abilities aren’t as weak as I thought. But whenever I ask him about it, he would simply start stuttering, refusing to tell me the details.”


Young miss, why do you want to learn the details about him? Aren’t the two of you only in a business partnership? Do you really need to know so much about him?

Grace frowned in confusion.

Ever since she learned that all of the information she had gathered about Roel was a deliberate attempt to misguide her, she had been extremely wary of the maids and servants working for the Ascarts. At the same time, she also began to reassess her evaluation of the engagement.

Even though the misunderstandings had led to Charlotte and Roel starting on the wrong foot, there was no doubt that Roel, in some way, had managed to grow on Charlotte. It had reached the point where he could actually influence her emotions to some degree.

Love and hatred had a commonality between them—interest. As if elements on the same coin, it was possible to flip between the two of them.

What Grace was most worried about with Charlotte was that she would remain cold and nonchalant.

It was the default state for Charlotte to distance herself from others and treat them coolly. This was the result of the trauma she faced in her childhood, which led to her inability to rely on or trust another person. Unless one was able to walk into her heart, any relationship that one forged with her would only remain superficial.

Back then, Grace thought that it would take Roel at least several months to break through the layer of ice around Charlotte’s heart, but things progressed much faster than she thought.

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