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Holding hands—this is a gesture with many different meanings. At its most basic, it is the physical contact of two individuals’ hands, but the action has come to mean much more. For instance, it can be interpreted as the fruition of courtship or, understood figuratively, an agreement between two powers to join hands with one another. When used in the context of an engagement, however, it carried some intimate undertones.

And then, there was Roel and Charlotte.



“Say, can’t you move a little?”

“How do you want me to move?”

“Just use more strength!”

Under Charlotte’s urging, Roel finally exerted a teeny tiny bit of strength, turning what was just pure physical contact into what vaguely resembled the traditional concept of hand-holding.

“It isn’t working. Like I have told you before, the chances of it working out are very slim.”

“As long as there’s a chance, we’ll have to give it a try. It’s better than searching aimlessly elsewhere.”

Despite grabbing onto Charlotte’s slightly chilly but tender hands, Roel’s expression remained completely nonchalant. But unlike what his face was showing, his heart was racing wildly. Putting aside her personality, Charlotte could truly be described as a delicate artwork. It wasn’t just about her appearance; even her touch and scent were satisfying to the senses.

Her lustrous skin had a quality that was as smooth as silk, and from proximity, Roel could smell a gentle and faint fragrance coming from her. Standing so close and being so intimate with a young lady as pure and impeccable as Charlotte was was honestly a bit enticing.

Roel grumbled many complaints, but his body was earnestly enjoying the sensation.

On the other hand, Charlotte had her head lowered, thinking up her next plan.

Do we need more intimacy than this?

Charlotte recalled the divination and prophecy spells she had learned in the past, and admittedly, the level of connection through holding hands was simply too low. In some of the old records, there were even cases of magicians consuming another person’s blood in order to trigger a vision.

Of course, such a method was too primitive, and Charlotte adamantly objected to it. However, if it was just an escalation of intimacy, that was still tolerable to her.

“Hug me.”


“Hug me. It should increase the chances of our bloodlines resonating with one another. I’ll pay you 2000 gold coins, so hurry up!”


To sell my own dignity for 2000 gold coins, this is simply too… Nay, 2000 gold coins is much more important!

Roel deemed his own dignity to be less than 2000 gold coins, so he gritted his teeth and did as he was told. In order to ensure customer satisfaction, he made sure to exert a bit more force than before, causing Charlotte to cry out in alarm as she was pulled straight into his embrace.

“Roel, can’t you be a little gentler?”

“Weren’t you the one who told me to use more strength?”

With t

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