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“I’m Charlotte Sorofya. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“I’m Roel Ascart. It’s a pleasure to meet you as well.”

The following morning, by the entrance of the Ascarts’ manor, a well-dressed Roel stood face-to-face with an auburn-haired girl as the two of them introduced themselves to one another. Staring at the girl standing before him, he fell into a momentary daze.

She sure is good-looking.

Roel thought as he watched the girl curtseying politely before him.

As someone who had plenty of intimate interactions with Alicia, he felt that he was already largely immune to beautiful women. However, when he finally met his fiancée in name, he realized that he was still far too naive.

If Alicia’s beauty was a powerful artwork that dazzled those who laid their eyes on her, Charlotte’s would be a delicate piece that wasn’t impactful at first sight, but its appeal gradually grew upon one, until one was finally completely enraptured with it.

Be it her exquisitely sculpted facial features, her slender body, her silky hair, or the indescribable air of nobility she commanded, all of these were basically screaming one fact at Roel,

2D—no! 3D—yes!

This was the moment that it dawned on Roel that there were limitations to a 2D figure. In the end, there was simply no way for a 2D figure to defeat a 3D person—or at the very least, these female capture targets.

Charlotte’s high elf lineage caused her to exude a strong aura of nobility that could influence those around her, such that many of the servants of the Ascart House were astonished to discover that a person like her existed in this world.

Even the manager of the Roel X Alicia fanclub, Anna, found her eyes narrowing.

Oblivious to Roel, he wasn’t the only one shocked in this first greeting. He, too, had brought an equivalent level of shock to Charlotte as well…

How in the world is it that he looks so poor?

Charlotte stared at the aura of a pauper lingering around Roel before turning her gaze toward the interior of the Ascarts’ manor, and she couldn’t help but narrow her eyes in confusion.

This is weird. The manor itself carries a strong scent of fortune, but why is it the opposite for him?

Charlotte couldn’t make sense of the contradiction, but it mattered not to her. Her spouse’s financial condition was not something on her list of considerations—she had money anyway. Any problem relating to money was not a problem for her.

With such thoughts in mind, she turned her attention away from the aura of a pauper to focus on Roel’s other qualities. Even though Grace had previously described her fiancé’s appearance to her, she still couldn’t stop her heart from skipping a beat when she finally took a good look at him.

He was indeed very handsome and suave. He had a well-proportioned body, and those golden eyes of his seemed to carry a mysterious charm that drew people in.

This mysterious charm actually came from the unique aura of the Crown Origi

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