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Roel’s mind went completely blank when Charlotte’s lips came into contact with his cheek. He couldn’t bring himself to reject Charlotte’s kiss, not just because of how charming she looked at the moment but because the kiss represented her sincerity too.

It was a kiss for blessing and fortune, a lady’s reciprocation toward the man who brought forth a beautiful butterfly for her. It was a proper and dignified ceremony that would be inappropriate to reject.

Roel had no idea how much courage Charlotte had to summon to carry out this ceremony, but at the very least, he was certain that it had not been easy on her to do so.

And unexpectedly, this kiss actually brought about the long-awaited resonance in their bloodlines once more.

Many visions flickered across Roel’s eyes in an instant. There were so many of them that he couldn’t even attempt to remember them. All noises seemed to vanish as he was brought several centuries back in time.

A man and a woman appeared before his eyes. The woman was tall and sported auburn hair, whereas the man had a solemn face. It was a series of snapshots involving the two of them under many different circumstances—during wartime, day-to-day life, casual light conversations, speaking to someone with grave looks on their faces, and last but not least, a goodbye kiss between the two of them.

Wait a moment, this is…

Looking at the woman who was waving her hand to send off the man whom she had just kissed, Roel suddenly felt a mysterious feeling.

She looks like Charlotte, but at the same time, she isn’t her. What in the world…

While Roel was still feeling confused over the odd resemblance between the woman and Charlotte, the man in the vision suddenly turned his head over. His eyes seemed to peer through space-time to meet Roel’s gaze, allowing Roel to properly see his appearance for the first time.

It’s him!

Waves of shock washed over Roel’s heart, but at the same time, he also felt enlightened too. The vision came to an end right after, and sounds of cheering slowly crescendoed in his ears as he was pulled back to reality.


Jubilant shouts could be heard everywhere. Even the observation platform of the singles area was currently filled with a huge crowd, who were excitedly watching the commotion. True to the saying, ‘love transcends boundaries’, this joyous celebration was partaken by everyone, regardless of where they had come from.

“Roel, the vision earlier was…”

“Yes. It’s a little confusing for me, so allow me to calm down and think things through first.”

The young duo, who had just separated after the kiss, were left dazed by the overload of information just received. However, the crowd interpreted their reactions very differently.

“A huge round of applause for the demonstration of true love between this lovely couple. O’ great Sia, may their love be blessed by fate!”


Resounding cheers echoed from the crowd as the atm

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