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What kind of person was worthy of being deemed as beautiful and noble?

It was hard to give a concise answer to this question, but perhaps it would help by first asking what the concepts ‘beauty’ and ‘noble’ represented.

… Well, Roel was not one to analyze questions in such a philosophical manner, but he thought that he at least had the moral compass of an ordinary person.

A mother worthy of being deemed beautiful was one who looked upon her children lovingly. A mother worthy of being deemed noble was one who carried great virtue and frequently took into consideration the wellbeing of her children.

A beautiful face that was maintained by elaborate care, as well as nobility built by trampling others; these were no more than illusory bubbles that would pop once the winds of a new era arrived. All falsehoods would be unraveled, revealing the shallowness of it all.

Looking at Charlotte, Roel suddenly understood why he felt so indignant on her behalf.

Ah, so that’s why. I didn’t think that there would be so many similarities between us.

He revealed an enlightened yet helpless smile as he glanced at the light in his hand.

Roel Ascart seemed to have come to life from the moment he recalled his previous life, but that wasn’t right. It was faint, but he still remembered his tyrannical yet fragile self of the past. It lurked at the corners of his mind, almost out of reach, but not entirely out of sight.

It was a child, suffering and confused from having lost his mother at a young age. It was a pain that he could never circumvent while growing up. His childhood was accompanied by a strong desire for kinship and affection, but his desire was never fulfilled. It was probably from there that he turned crooked.

Roel and Charlotte were quite similar in the sense that they struggled growing up in a household that was almost forever empty. Whenever night descended, they would be left alone in their rooms, accompanied only by the moon.

Roel pitied Charlotte, but he also pitied his younger self.

However, what was different about them was that Charlotte did have a mother.

Adelicia’s actions didn’t bring about any physical harm to Charlotte, but Charlotte’s nonchalant attitude had pricked Roel’s nerves, leaving him feeling greatly irked. He felt like Adelicia had tossed something which he desired but couldn’t obtain on the floor, trampling harshly down on it.

“Someone once told me that roses that bloom under harsh conditions tend to be even more moving and beautiful. Miss Charlotte, your resilience, in my eyes, is like a golden rose.”

Amidst a faint glowing light, Roel looked into Charlotte’s eyes as he spoke. His golden irises seemed to radiate in the darkness, giving him a look that was dignified yet mysterious. Crimson mana began manifesting around his body.

Charlotte also returned the gaze unblinkingly, and she seemed to feel a sense of companionship from him.


A few short seconds later, C

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