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On the walls of the eastern border of the human territories, Tark Stronghold, Carter was chatting joyously with a golden-haired girl.

“Uncle Carter, I’m very grateful for your help on this matter.”

“It’s nothing much, Your Highness. I merely instructed Anna to cooperate with you.”

Carter heaved a deep sigh of relief. With this, the engagement should be annulled, and his son would be safe. His worries were finally alleviated, and he would finally be able to get a good night’s sleep tonight.

Indeed, Carter had been losing sleep over Roel’s engagement. As minor as it appeared to be at first glance, there were too many complications at play here. The engagement had come at a bad time.

Had it been three years earlier, Carter would have raised both hands in agreement to this century-old engagement promise. The Sorofyas indeed had many things to offer, and Charlotte had a fairly good reputation.

However, over the past three years, Alicia had entered the Ascart House and become an inseparable ‘sister’ to Roel, and Nora, for whatever reason, was fixated on Roel and even became his protector.

The two of them possessed great talents as transcendents, and what they had to offer didn’t pale in comparison to the Sorofyas.

Alicia’s power would become an invaluable aid to the Ascart House, and the fact that she was unconditionally supportive of Roel meant that she would be a stalwart ally. On the other hand, Nora possessed the power of the Theocracy behind her, and she could tap into that power to ensure Roel’s safety.

One could reinforce the foundation of the Ascart House, and the other could reinforce the position of the Ascart House in the Theocracy. No matter who Roel chose in the end, he would still benefit greatly from it.

However, the same couldn’t necessarily be said about Charlotte. The Sorofya House was indeed rich, but it was ultimately an external power. Its influence in the Theocracy was limited, which meant that they wouldn’t be able to support the Ascarts directly if anything happened. On top of that, there was the risk of the Sorofyas attempting to subvert Roel in order to gain control over the Ascart House.

Ultimately, what the Sorofyas could truly offer the Ascarts was just money, but did the Ascarts lack money?

Well, the answer was, technically, yes, since Roel would need a ton of money in order to properly develop the Ascart Fiefdom. Carter, however, had adopted a very different set of logic with regards to this question.

Is there enough money to sustain our military? There is? Well, then there’s no problem here.

Carter had never thought that the Ascart Fiefdom lacked money, especially since Roel was developing the fiefdom pretty well in recent years, which further reduced their need for financial aid.

It was honestly quite a simplistic view that was heavily influenced by his military mindset. He believed that the stability of the fiefdom took precedence over everything else, so as

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