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My blood is burning.

That was how Charlotte and Roel were feeling at the moment. It was almost as if something deep in their bodies was coming awake with a roar, as if their ancient bloodlines had suddenly gained sentience. Their hands were connected through the envelope, leading their mana to amazingly fuse together as one.

However, what happened afterward was a huge explosion.

It was not a physical explosion but an explosion of mana and consciousness. A great outburst of light poured from their bodies, causing the two of them to reflexively shut their eyes. However, what they were welcomed with wasn’t darkness but an unbelievable sight.

It was a view of the sea that extended all the way to the horizon. There were dozens of ships coming together to form a fleet. The bow of the ship had an artistic sculpture that resembled a golden rose, and it was made out of precious metals and gemstones.

Birds circled in the sunny sky above.

An auburn beauty was looking into the distance when she sensed something and suddenly turned around. Her solemn yet slightly playful gaze seemed to traverse across the boundaries of space-time to meet the gazes of the duo peeking into this seascape.


This exchange of gazes lasted only for a second before the unbelievable image dissipated into nothing. A blood-colored aura flowed on the surface of Roel’s body as Grandar’s skeleton avatar manifested into appearance. His eyes were fixated on the envelope in Roel’s hands.

On the other hand, Charlotte was also staring at the envelope with eyes filled with disbelief as she silently muttered a phrase.

“… The Golden Fleet.”

“Young miss!”

“Young master!”

As soon as the flash of light vanished, the door to the room was immediately pushed open forcefully as the guards from both sides rushed in. The scene descended into momentary chaos as the guards drew their swords and scanned the surroundings warily for potential enemies, though most of their attention was drawn to the envelope on the table.

“Young miss, please remove your hand from the envelope!”

“Young master?”

Grace and Anna’s worried voices sounded behind each of the recipients.

Roel hesitantly retracted his hand. He felt that the earlier situation was the result of his bloodline acting up. Charlotte, on the other hand, carefully picked up the envelope on the table to inspect it.

She first carefully felt the texture of the envelope before examining the golden wax seal quietly. An old legend surfaced in her mind, and a long while later, she finally spoke up once more.

“I shan’t be returning.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve changed my mind. Mister Roel, let’s not annul our engagement anymore.”

Charlotte calmly told the dumbfounded Roel.

The Golden Fleet.

This was an organization that Roel had never read about in the historical records. Based on its name, he could deduce that… well, it was a fleet.


“Fine, I’ll admit it

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