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Upon hearing Charlotte’s words, Roel instinctively shot a glance at the beautiful girl sitting on the bed, coyly half-hiding behind a pillow, and he immediately felt a surge of heat racing through his body.

Self-awareness was a virtue that all humans should have, but Roel felt that Charlotte was really acting too dense at this moment. Had there been an impromptu examination on the subject, she would have failed horrendously.

To be sitting on the bed dressed in such a manner while saying such words with such an expression…Is she trying to invite me?

Roel shot a cold glare at Charlotte, and to her credit, the latter immediately noticed the mistake in the way she expressed herself. She quickly corrected herself in a fluster.

“I-I was saying that we ought to rest. I didn’t mean it that way…”

“Yes, I know. I’ll go and sleep on the sofa. You should quickly turn in for the night.”

Roel stood up to walk out of the bedroom, but unexpectedly, he felt a tug pulling him back. He turned around and saw an auburn-haired girl holding onto the hem of his shirt.

“How can you rest properly on the sofa? T-this bed is wide enough for two. It’ll be fine as long as we just take a side each!”

Those words were spoken with a meek voice. Having never seen anyone sleeping on the sofa before, it was beyond Charlotte’s imagination to fathom that the furniture could even be slept on. Besides, Roel was both the successor of the Ascart House and her fiancé, which made it even more inappropriate for her to allow him to sleep on such a thing.

Of course, these were just extrinsic reasons. There was a more intrinsic reason why Charlotte had chosen to stop him—it was an order from her heart.

There were two reasons why she had come to this place today.

One, she wished to reward Roel’s hard work over the past few days and give him a short break.

Two, she wanted to free herself from the restraints she had shackled herself with, the lingering desires that continued to plague her since her childhood.

It wasn’t as easy as it looked for her to face her trauma. Her heart still ached from the loss and great disappointment she felt. Even if their relationship was glacially cold, no child could sever her ties with her mother lightly. Her act of confiding in Roel was her way of venting her emotions and liberating herself.

But unexpectedly, it had triggered Roel’s feelings of indignance and sympathy. When he incubated the most beautiful butterfly of the night and affirmed the path she had walked on alone all of these years, she felt something long suppressed in the depths of her heart come gushing out irrepressibly.

It was the feeling of loneliness she had tried to clamp down again and again over the years. It was her weakness that she had tried to conceal with a strong front before others. It was the cold windows of winter and the lone shadow of summer.

When that butterfly unfurled its golden wings emblazoned with the insignia of

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