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“It’s the aurora!”

The moment pink lights began appearing in the night sky, resounding cheers echoed throughout the city. In the empty mansion, the trio hugging one another widened their eyes in astonishment.

There were seven colors that an aurora could manifest in, and pink was the rarest one of all. It had appeared no more than a couple of times in the long history of the Eirbower Dukedom, and it was said to represent romance and love.

Following the aurora’s blessing was a firework show that formed beautiful images alongside the aurora.

Under this beautiful scenery and romantic atmosphere, the two women felt an intense rush of emotions. However, what they didn’t know was that this beautiful aurora would soon cause an unintended crisis.

“It really is a pink aurora. I heard that it has been decades since the last appearance of a pink aurora. This is a good omen, fitting for us lovers.”

“How beautiful. By lovers, you’re referring to me and darling, right?”

The two women naturally assumed that this was a blessing directed toward Roel and themselves, and the difference in their perceptions brought frowns to their faces. They began glaring at one another.

“What are you saying? You shouldn’t forget that I was the one who tricked… I mean, I was the one who made Roel realize his own mistakes. You’re nothing more than a vase standing by the side, hardly saying a word at all!”

“I hardly said a word at all? If not for the plan… Cough! What I mean is that your words were simply too unexpected! How do you expect me to cut in?”

The divergence in viewpoints regarding the aurora sparked an argument between Nora and Charlotte. Noticing their choice of words, Roel couldn’t help but feel that something was amiss here.

Wait a moment. Trick? Plan? Why does it feel like I’ve just gotten scammed here?

The arguing duo noticed the change in Roel’s expression and their faces went ‘Oh shit’. Roel’s eyes slowly widened as he thought about everything that had happened thus far.

Something really does feel off… Very, very off.

Nora said that the two of us have been lovers ever since we were nine… Did such a thing happen?

I mean, I was still avoiding her when I was nine! I concede, I did have feelings of attraction toward her even back at that point, but lovers? We haven’t even confessed to one another yet!

Besides, we rarely get to spend time together, and there’s very little intimacy between us. Over the years, the only time we shared a kiss was the one back in the Witness State, when I was in a bad condition and she wanted to infuse mana over to treat me.

How in the world are we even considered lovers?

As for Charlotte, I guess I can somewhat be considered as her fiancé, and I did promise to protect her. But if you were to say that we were lovers… Now that I think about it, Charlotte hasn’t really said anything at all.

Wait a moment, does this mean that I’ve actually been tricked earlier on?


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