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The aurora was still glowing in Eirbower’s night sky, and the crowd’s cheering hadn’t stopped at all.

Roel sat on the steps outside the mansion as he gazed at the pink aurora. The anger bubbling within him was slowly fading.

Nora and Charlotte had already admitted their mistakes and apologized. Under their profuse and skillful placating, he found himself unable to remain mad at them. However, what was more important was that he had realized that there was a major problem here.

I have been deceived. Not only that, I even broke into tears.

It felt extremely frustrating to him even though he knew that Nora and Charlotte were doing this because they were fond of him. His anger might have faded, but he was determined to never fall for something like this ever again.

However, it did bring several problems to his attention.

All along, he had been taking a passive stance toward his relationships, choosing to just go with his stream of consciousness without thinking deeply into it. It wasn’t a big deal when they were still kids, but before he knew it, he was already hurting everyone around him. He couldn’t just leave things be anymore.

Roel was not a lover to any of the women around him. He had never proactively approached any of them. Yet, the feelings they shared were much deeper than that of ordinary lovers. Their feelings had been proved and tempered through tribulations, ingrained deeply into their hearts.

But that was also the reason why he was at a loss. He knew just what kind of precarious situation he was in.

He was aware that he did have the option to accept the feelings of all the women around him. It was not uncommon for nobles to marry multiple wives in the Sia Continent, and his father had been encouraging him from a young age to marry more wives and have more children.

Admittedly, there were problems along the way. Nora and the others were of distinguished standing, and their marriage would result in huge political implications. Whether they were willing to condone him having multiple wives was an issue too.

But those issues could still be slowly thrashed out until they came to a compromise. It was difficult but not hopeless.

The real reason keeping him from accepting their feelings was his inability to ensure his own safety. What if a day came where he suddenly vanished for two hours and returned as a corpse? What would happen to Nora and the others?

The Ascart Bloodline had granted him great power, but by the Sia Continent’s law of equivalent exchange, he had to pay a heavy price for it. More than once he had almost lost his life in the Witness State.

Till now, he could still remember the helplessness he felt when he stood before Priestley.

That was an Origin Level 1 transcendent, an existence so powerful that he couldn’t hope to defeat.

Not to mention, he was now contracted with Artasia, an ancient god whose true nature and intention he was uncertain of.

Everything tha

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