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It wasn’t easy to accurately determine a person’s battle contribution, especially when there were several parties competing for kills.

When multiple individuals hurled spells toward a single evil cultist, they could indeed obliterate him easily. But how were they going to split the contribution?

To simplify matters, the typical way to determine the greatest contributor in a battle was not through the number of kills but by the one who took down the enemy general.

And that was why Francis felt goosebumps all over his body.

He had no idea what was going on with those women, but he knew for certain that their eyes were on him. He knew that he would have to fight back with everything he had if he wished to escape with his life.

Loud cracking sounds began echoing from his bones.

At this critical moment, Francis decided to fracture 30% of his bones as a tribute for borrowing his god’s power. His physical condition deteriorated as a result of the ritual, but the smirk on his face showed his confidence that everything was in his grasp.

The highest divinity of the Saints Convocation was the Mother Goddess, whose strength far surpassed that of ordinary gods. However, the hibernating Mother Goddess wouldn’t answer a call for help even if the other party was an executive.

The lofty and inviolable Mother Goddess had never answered any prayers. Even catching the Mother Goddess’ eye was considered the greatest honor any disciple could ever hope for. For the past few centuries, the disciples had only seen the tip of the iceberg of the Mother Goddess’ glorious power.

It went without saying that the executives of the Saints Convocation were painfully aware of this issue, and it was a sore spot for them. They were at a disadvantageous position against other powers without their god’s support as this could easily cause a gap in terms of top-tier power.

Other than the Mother Goddess, the Saints Convocation had God’s Envoys too, and some of them possessed a decent level of intelligence. The only problem was that these God’s Envoys were in a habit of indiscriminately killing anyone who dared to appear in front of them, so it was impossible to garner their help.

This woe had burdened the Saints Convocation for many years, and it was only when the subordinate gods who had served the Mother Goddess back in the ancient era finally awakened that things started to change.

Francis was one of the few executives who could communicate with a subordinate god of the Mother Goddess and harness a portion of the latter’s power.

Amidst the loud cracking sounds, black miasma started to gush out from the fractured parts of Francis’ bones. It rushed at the crowd charging at him like a deathly fog filled with specters.

Lilian’s soldiers were the first ones to be swallowed by the black miasma. It didn’t take long for them to collapse to the floor under its effects, but what was even more horrifying was how their corpses swiftly with

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