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Nora Xeclyde was currently inside the bustling banquet hall, disguised as one of the clergymen for the upcoming event. She was dressed in a white cloak and her face was concealed behind a white veil. Her sapphire eyes swiftly scanned the multitude of couples in front of her.

As the successor to the Genesis Goddess Church, Nora harbored deep respect toward the aurora as it represented Sia’s blessing. It was just that its significance paled in comparison with the one person that was currently dominating her mind.

Roel Ascart.

Nora didn’t have Charlotte’s supernatural ability of divining a person’s location, but she did have her own strength too—her massive influence.

Most nobles on the Sia Continent wielded considerable power, but their influence was limited to their own circle. Take the Ascart House for example, it possessed great say within the Saint Mesit Theocracy, but its influence was greatly diminished beyond the Theocracy’s borders.

There was only one noble house in the world whose influence had reached every nook and cranny of the Sia Continent—the Xeclydes. Just like how it was often said that the light of Sia shone upon everyone, the church was also present wherever humans lived.

The church had always been the central faith of the human populace, holding a special place in people’s hearts. Only those who were tired of living would dare to undermine the church.

It was through the influence of the church that she was able to swiftly build up connections and sneak into the banquet hall as one of the clergymen even though this was her first time being in the northern border.

Her effort appeared to have paid off as something had just caught her eye.

While her eyes were scanning through the couples in the banquet hall, an inexplicable feeling of incongruence suddenly arose in her heart. The feeling came on a whim, almost as if by intuition, but she managed to track down the source of the incongruence.

It was coming from the dance floor.

I think I saw someone familiar earlier on, but who is it?

With such a thought in mind, Nora began approaching the dance floor. Noticing her movements, Lilian Ackermann began to panic.

They are about to find us.

Unlike Charlotte, Nora was Roel’s childhood friend. They had known one another since they were nine, meaning that she had seen child Roel before, albeit being several years back. It was almost certain that Nora would be able to recognize Roel if she were to lay her eyes on him!

I can’t give her the chance to see Roel’s face!

Lilian’s amethyst eyes narrowed sharply. She quickly reached out and held Roel’s face to hers while looking at him with sentimental eyes.

“What were you going to say earlier?”

“Ah? W-well…”

Roel was already in the midst of turning his head over to look at the arriving clergymen since that was where the center of attention was at, but his movements were forcefully halted by Lilian. It was so abrupt that it l

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