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The moment Francis rose into the sky and unleashed his final attack to claim Roel’s life, Charlotte felt her heart pounding in unease. She instinctively knew something bad was going to happen.

The Sorofyas were a clan whose greatest strength lay in their ability to observe fate, and Charlotte was a prodigy amongst them. As the inheritor of the Arbiter of Fate Bloodline, she would receive warnings whenever danger was about to strike.

Charlotte felt her bloodline rattling violently the moment Francis set his eyes on Roel. The guidance of fate warned her of what was about to happen.

“Go to hell, Roel Ascart!”

With a vengeful howl, Francis released his miasma and his body exploded right after.

Familiar with how curse-related magic worked, Charlotte was able to figure out Francis’ thoughts right away.

“Darling!” she screamed.

She quickly contracted the dome of the Golden Soul around Roel before ricocheting him away. The abrupt acceleration caused Roel to sink into the cushioned walls of the Golden Soul.

Just like that, a chase between the golden sphere and the black miasma unfolded.

Charlotte’s Golden Soul was still able to move extremely fast at the start under the infusion of her mana, but she couldn’t continue supplying mana to it once it was beyond a certain range. It slowly dropped to the ground and started bouncing around. Its speed also slowed under the forces of friction and air resistance.

Unlike the almost weightless black miasma, the Golden Soul was heavy and bulky. The result of the chase was already decided right from the start.

In a matter of seconds, the black miasma had already caught up to Roel. But before it could really envelop him to deal the finishing blow, a mysterious mana pulsation suddenly rippled from Roel’s clothes.

【Blessed Wheat

Remaining Uses: 1】


Roel was taken aback by the abrupt System notification. The next instant, he suddenly underwent intense turbulence that caused him to bump all around the sphere of Golden Soul he was in.

It was such a disorientating experience that he suddenly wondered if the spirits for the Saint Freya Academy’s entrance ceremony felt the same way being carried around too. Even during the intense bumping, he tried his best to look around and make sense of what was going on.

He was being ricocheted from building to building, and the moment before he was swallowed by the black miasma, he suddenly crashed through a window to enter a room.


The sphere of Golden Soul slammed into the room’s wall before finally stalling to a halt, having run out of kinetic energy. A few seconds later, the sphere started melting into its fluid form, freeing Roel from within.

Roel subconsciously raised his arms in front of him to defend against Francis’ final attack, but to his surprise, the frightening miasma didn’t follow him into the room.

It had been blocked off by a magic barrier cast over the window.



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