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Roel Ascart thought that the aurora he saw today was meaningful. At least it had helped him make sense of some matters.

Nora and the others wanted a stable relationship with him, but that in itself was a contradiction with the Witness State that randomly plunged him into dangerous situations. So, the real question now was whether he could resolve this contradiction.

There was actually a plausible method to pull it off, just that it was something he would have never considered in the past.

He wasn’t sure whether it was possible at all to shut off his bloodline and avoid the Witness State, but he knew for certain that there were triggers to the invocation of his bloodline ability.

Cheerings could still be heard from the distant crowd.

On the steps to the mansion, Nora and Charlotte were starting to feel uneasy at the looming silence amongst them. Alicia looked at Roel at a loss. She could sense that there was something wrong with Roel, but she couldn’t do anything without knowing what he was thinking.

Time slowly ticked by.

It was only when Alicia was finally reaching the limits of her patience that Roel finally retracted his gaze from the sky. He looked at the three women around him and said.

“Sorry, I’ve made you all worry.”

“I-it’s nothing… Lord Brother, what were you thinking earlier on?”

“I was… thinking about the problems that have been plaguing me all this while.”

Roel took some time to organize his thoughts before sharing them.

“I realized that I have been subconsciously avoiding some decisions due to the dangers brought about by my bloodline ability. I didn’t want to implicate others with my condition, but it has become clear to me that my actions are hurting those around me. I’m sorry.”

“… Roel.”

The three women reacted differently to Roel’s apology.

Alicia, who had devoted her attention to sneaking in bites of her Lord Brother, didn’t really feel strongly about Roel’s apology. Charlotte did feel something from it, but it wasn’t particularly strong as she had only known Roel for a year.

Only Nora, who had grown up with Roel and was constantly rejected by him due to her peculiar interest, felt strongly about the apology. Her forehead furrowed up when she thought about the dangers she had undergone with Roel back in the March Turmoil.

“Roel, I understand what you’re getting at, but it’s impossible for you to change your bloodline. Great power comes at a hefty price; this is an unchanging rule of our world. I know that it’s scary, but you can’t let your fear of your bloodline hold you back,” Nora spoke softly.

Charlotte’s face turned grave upon hearing those words. She recalled about the voyage she had with Roel on the Golden Fleet, and it enlightened her to the reservations Roel had.

Alicia also started frowning as well. She remembered how Roel’s body was covered in injuries every single time his bloodline ability activated.

Roel looked at the trio in front of

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