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The pink aurora shone through the window to cast its glow on the pink-haired lady and the armored figure, shrouding them in dreamy lighting.

Perhaps due to the loud festivity, the fight that had broken out in the Eirbower Duke’s mansion hadn’t affected the other parts of the city. Magic fireworks were still going on here and there, sustaining the vibrant atmosphere.

However, the air inside the room seemed to have frozen due to William’s words.

What’s going on? He recognizes me?

Roel’s golden eyes dilated in disbelief upon hearing William’s words. It made him put up his guard against the latter.

It was only normal for Roel to be able to recognize William as he had playedEyes of the Chroniclerbefore, and the latter’s appearance was so unique that it was impossible to overlook him. However, the same didn’t apply vice versa.

Roel was no international star. He had never been to Knight Kingdom Pendor, and he had no association with the Cambonyte Royal Family either. One had to know that the Sia Continent was an un-globalized world devoid of the conveniences of modern information technology, such that even Nora, one of the central figures of the Genesis Goddess Church, wasn’t known worldwide.

Roel was no more than a landed noble. Why would William go to great lengths in order to find out what he looked like? Not to mention, his current state…

To be fair, the Ascart House wasn’t exactly a nobody in the world either, so it wasn’t impossible for someone to take the trouble to acquire a portrait of him and remember him. The only problem was that his appearance was currently that of an eight-year-old.

There was a group of people outside who had also successfully recognized him despite it being their first meeting, and they were the disciples of the Saints Convocation.

Roel took a step back to where the Golden Soul was splattered all over the ground as he shot a sharp look at the duo in front of him. William sensed the wariness behind Roel’s movements, so he spoke up to clarify.

“I must have frightened you. Allow me to reassure you that I mean no harm. Roel Ascart, I am your friend.”


“That’s right. If your condition hasn’t affected your memories, you should be able to remember the warnings we have sent you.”


Roel was shocked to hear those words. He was reminded of the nightmares he had during his journey to Eirbower. Noting his reaction, the pink-haired lady picked up a notebook on the table and quickly wrote something down with a quill before raising it up to show him.


That was the warning that he would always hear near the end of his nightmare.

“Ah! Were you the one who spoke in the dream?” exclaimed Roel in astonishment.


The pink-haired lady nodded in response. Roel fell silent, but his tense nerves had finally loosened a little.

Just as he had previously deduced, the warnings were indeed informing him that the Saints Convocation was after his life.

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