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Roel Ascart stared at Alicia in confusion, having yet to wrap his mind around the fact that he was a dessert for the three ladies before him.

As for Nora and Charlotte, they widened their eyes in disdain upon hearing Alicia’s words.

The instinctive human behavior when introduced to a set of rules was to obey it, but there were simply some people in the world who liked searching for loopholes to exploit. Alicia was one perfect example.

To summarize: This child has no scruples!

We’re celebrating this shared victory, so why in the world must you go in the opposite way and think about swiping him away before graduation?

But now that I think about it… it actually makes sense too!

Nora and Charlotte immediately noticed the blind spot in their current plan.

There was nothing wrong with the solution Roel proposed, but the problem was that he needed time to attempt to control his bloodline. To use an analogy, it was like they were on a carriage that had barely started moving.

The good news was that the carriage had a clear destination and an estimated arrival time, and it promised them a paradise where they could freely feast on the delectable dessert named Roel. Everything looked rosy for them.

But here came the question:Why should I share a carriage with the others?

The carriage was small and squeezy, but the roadside ditch was wide and spacious. Why not push some of them down out of the carriage and into the ditch so as to free up some space? If they managed to push everyone else off, they would be able to monopolize the dessert at the end of the journey!

Charlotte and Nora’s eyes blazed with fighting spirit. The light and joyous atmosphere that Roel had created through his long speech was shattered just like that.

Roel noticed the unusual atmosphere too. He looked at the three smiling women beside him, and for some reason, he felt a shiver running down his spine.

W-why are they looking at me like this? Did I say something wrong?

He was unable to comprehend the situation.

Meanwhile, the three women were busy hatching their plans. All of them were experts when it came to the subject of Roel Ascart, and that was why they knew his biggest weakness—lack of self-awareness in relationships.

It was not that he had a low EQ. On the contrary, he was fairly good at sensing emotions. What he lacked was the ability to discern romantic relationships. Or perhaps, his threshold to consider something as a romantic relationship was much higher than other people.

Nora and Charlotte had braved through crises with Roel whereas Alicia had grown up together with him. There was no doubt that all of them shared a deep bond with him, but somehow, it felt like they were still a step away from becoming his lover.

It was just a question of who would be the first one to take the final step to the top. As long as they could reach the endpoint ahead of the others, they would be the final victor. It would grant

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