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Aurora Capital Ols was a city permeating with a sweet scent that sometimes felt cloying.

Outside its magnificent city walls was a long line of carriages coming from the Austine Empire, Knight Kingdom Pendor, and Country of Scholars Brolne. Through the carriage windows, one could see excited couples leaning on one another as they relished in the breathtaking scenery. Delighted chuckles could be heard every now and then.

The nobles from the Austine Empire still showed some self-restraint, but those from the more liberal Pendor and Brolne openly hugged one another, some even going a step further. The scent of hormones was so overpowering that one could almost see a slight hint of pink being carried into the city with the breeze.

There were just two carriages in the queue that looked so out of place that it was impossible not to stare at them.

If the others were embraced by a lovey-dovey atmosphere, those two carriages were covered in a dark aura of resentment. It felt like something bad would happen if one were to get involved with them.

One of these carriages was guarded by brown-cloaked guards. An auburn-haired woman sat on the coachman’s position, fiddling irritably with the reins. The maid sitting next to her let out a helpless sigh for the umpteenth time.

The other carriage was guarded by white-cloaked guards. It was being driven by a golden-haired woman, who glared at the magnificent city walls with razor-sharp eyes.

Half a month had passed since Nora and Charlotte received that taunting letter. They had mobilized all of the trustworthy subordinates under their command and rushed to this city of lovers as fast as they could, even sacrificing their rest for the sake of it.

Charlotte brought her personal maid, Grace Cadin, with her.

Nora dragged with her the subject she favored for his merit in relaying the live broadcast of her kiss with Roel to Alicia, Bishop Philip.

Other than that, they also brought their elite followers with them, numbering over a hundred people in total. It was quite a formidable procession that could be easily mistaken as an army… or rather, it was already an army.

Under normal circumstances, it should have been impossible for Nora and Charlotte to arrive ahead of Roel and Alicia, especially with them bringing an army along. However, they managed to pull it off by implementing an insane work schedule of resting once every two days.

Part of the reason why they were in such a rush was because they wanted to get Roel back as soon as possible, but at the same time, they wanted to make it in time for the Eirbower Dukedom’s famous Blessing Festival, which was just two days away.

The Blessing Festival was also known as the Aurora Festival and Spring Festival. It was the most lively period of time for the northern region during the year, a little similar to the Spring Festival in Roel’s previous life.

This festival signalled the thawing of frost and the revitalization of n

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