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On the third floor of St. Phil Hotel, Roel walked across an extravagant room reminiscent of a presidential suite in his previous life and headed toward a window. He looked at the bustling crowd below and heaved a sigh of relief.

After all of the difficulties they had been through, they finally arrived at the largest city in the northern region. At least for the next few weeks, he should be able to move around freely without having to confine himself inside the stifling Carriage of Sinners.

It would be a lie if he were to say that he wasn’t overjoyed at finally regaining his freedom. For most of the journey, all he could see outside the carriage was just barren land that had only started thawing. Even when they stopped at towns, out of concern that he would catch unnecessary attention, he had to hole himself up in the carriage.

Having to spend so many days in a confined space really built up significant mental fatigue and stress in him.

He walked toward the balcony to soak himself in the city’s lively atmosphere. A marching band had passed by the street beneath the balcony he was on, but the joyous melody it played was still echoing on the street. The excited crowd cheered loudly at their marvelous performance.

There were many other people also standing on their balconies on both sides of the street, enjoying the festive atmosphere.

Roel couldn’t help but smile at the bustle. He was reminded of the New Year’s Day he had spent at Holy Capital Loren a few years back, before he became a proxy fief lord. Things felt so much simpler back then, not having to bother about networking and socializing.

As the proxy fief lord, he was responsible for organizing New Year’s Day celebrations for his fiefdom. Just the sheer amount of work he had made it nigh impossible for him to enjoy celebrations himself. It had been a long time since he had been able to really let loose and have a vacation without having to think about work at all.

He had no idea when the evil cultists would get to this city, but at least for the time being, he wanted to enjoy the present.

Organizing such a large-scale celebration was actually no easy feat. Be it decorating the city, rewarding the guards on duty, or making logistical preparations, all of these cost a huge sum of money. If they didn’t keep a tight rein on the budget, there was a real possibility that they could face financial problems the following year.

The Ascart Fiefdom was still in the midst of its rapid economic development, and it required a huge amount of money to sustain its growth. For that reason, Roel allocated the bare minimum for festivals in his first two years as proxy fief lord. It was only after he met a certain rich young miss and struck up a partnership with the Sorofya House that things started to change.

Take this year for example, in order to win support from the citizens of the Ascart Fiefdom, Charlotte decided to go all-out and distribute sweets in Ascart Cit

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