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Looking at the rubble raining around him, Roel felt helplessness that he had not felt ever since he awakened his transcendent abilities when he was nine.

As terrifying as it looked, the falling rubble only posed a threat to ordinary mortals. Origin Level 6s could ward off the rubble by brandishing their spears, whereas Origin Level 5s could deflect the rubble with their mana, let alone Origin Level 4s and above.

It was just that the current Roel possessed no mana at all. He only had the protective magic tools that were tossed to him from the two ladies when the battle broke out—a bracelet from Lilian and an amulet from Alicia. The glowing barrier they produced protected him from the devastation of their battle, but it was frustrating how he could only powerlessly watch their fight from inside.

He did try shouting loudly to stop them, but it was to no avail. Neither of them had their attention on him.

Under the gentle glow of the moonlight, dozens of silvery birds descended from the moon and circled around the night sky. Each of them harnessed mana that sparked Lilian’s wariness. They alleviated the heavy pressure that was crushing down on Alicia, returning her freedom of movement.

The Silverash Child.

This was one of the strongest Silver Bloodlines that had no side effects whatsoever. It granted boundless life force that opened great room for maneuverability in a battle, as seen in the case of Alicia.

Every single one of those birds were actually containers Alicia had deposited her mana and life force into. Thanks to these containers, she was able to exert prowess on par with Origin Level 3 transcendents despite being only at Origin Level 4 herself.

“Roel and I are destined to be together. This is the fate predestined by the bloodlines we possess. Our union will enhance the bloodline our ancestors have painstakingly preserved throughout the generations. This is our responsibility and mission!”

“Bloodline? Are you talking about that bloodline that has put Lord Brother through great danger and suffering? Hah, you can continue that cursed bloodline yourself. The offspring of Lord Brother and I will be much happier with the enhancement of my Perfection Origin Attribute!”

“It looks like there’s no room for reconciliation here.”


Seeing that there was no more room for words, the two of them decided to go all out, resulting in a huge flood of mana right after.

Alicia’s silver birds transformed into blazing infernos and darted toward Lilian at breakneck speed. In response, Lilian summoned a platoon of soldiers holding golden tower shields.

Those were the Blazing Helios Platoon’s Helios Shield, a top-notch fire attribute magic tool that granted one high resistance against fire-type attacks. Under the cover of these shields, the blazing infernos were easily neutralized, leaving nothing but a warm breeze.

The intense battle on the clocktower swiftly attracted the attention of the crowd o

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