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The following day, when night finally fell upon the Eirbower Dukedom, the northern region welcomed its grandest annual celebration.

Civilians in their vibrant new clothes marched around the city under the lead of a marching band. All sorts of floats started appearing in the streets to the cheers of the crowd. From the main streets to the remote alleys, there was no end to the bustling crowd.

Ever since evening, before the sun completely disappeared over the horizon, magic fireworks had been popping nonstop. It slowly pushed the festive atmosphere up to a new high.

At the same time, in a grand banquet organized by the Eirbower Duke, several thousand couples dressed in magnificent suits and gowns started entering the scene.

While the aurora was thought to be Sia’s blessing since ancient times, the extent of the blessing was thought to differ based on one’s location. It was believed that those who stood in a position closest to the sky would be granted a purer blessing. This was rather similar to some of the traditions of the mountainous tribes in Roel’s previous life.

The highest ground in Aurora City Ols was none other than the Eirbower Duke Manor’s Blessing Square, but this location wasn’t open to outsiders. Only esteemed guests who had received an invitation were allowed to access it. Influential or high-ranking nobles would receive a free pass into the Blessing Square, but the rest would show somesincerityin order to obtain an invitation.

Only guests who were ‘invited’ to the Eirbower Duke’s banquet were allowed to access the Blessing Square. The notion of an invitation only event felt prestigious and classy, and it would have been so if not for the explicit price tags labelled on the invitation letters.

To be frank, everyone was here just for the Blessing Square. Who would be in the mood to socialize when out on a honeymoon trip with their lover? This could be seen from how couples were sticking to themselves, whispering sweet nothings to one another while occasionally grabbing some food to eat. Really, they were just waiting for the aurora to appear.

If that was the case, what was the point of the banquet?

One reason was so that they could mark up the price of the invitation, and the other was to avoid crossing the church.

It was a teaching of the church that everyone was equally entitled to Sia’s blessing. Noble or commoner, everyone was equal before Sia. Had the Eirbower Dukedom directly sold invitations to the Blessing Square, it would be equivalent to treating Sia’s blessing as a commercial product. That was clearly a violation of the church’s teaching, an act of blasphemy toward Sia.

Not even the Eirbower Duke would have been able to bear the consequences of such a crime.

But at the same time, after the huge amount of money he had devoted to the construction of the Blessing Square, how could he simply open it up to the public?

The Eirbower Duke two centuries back had a streak of inspi

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