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Watching as the cavalrymen of the Austine Empire charged toward them under the veil of the night, Executive Francis finally stumbled upon the ‘truth’.

It had become clear to him that this was a trap laid by the enemy. All of the earlier fighting amongst the various parties was just an elaborate bait to lure them out!

The Saints Convocation’s Executive Council knew that Roel Ascart was likely to be in a severely weakened state, so they predicted that he would lie low and avoid trouble until his recovery. To avoid news from leaking out, he would terminate communication with most of his allies and keep the guards around him to a minimum.

However, it would appear that their prediction was off the mark.

They were right to deduce that Roel Ascart was in a weakened state, but he didn’t terminate communication with his allies. Instead, he chose to pull strings from the shadows. He must have guessed that the Saints Convocation would come after him, so he chose to set up a trap here to capture them.

So the fights we have seen earlier between the church and the heretics, as well as the Austine Empire and Rosa, were all just damned lies to bait us! That blasphemous sinner even put on a harmless appearance and acted as if he was all innocent!

Staring at the boy standing innocently alongside four female guards, Francis suddenly felt goosebumps on his arms.

Good lord, how in the world is he able to hide his true intention so deeply? Just how scheming and vicious must a person be to pull off something like this? I have really underestimated him!

Francis quickly reassessed their situation, and he soon concluded that it was no longer possible to escape without suffering catastrophic losses. A battle was inevitable. So, without any hesitation, he charged straight for Roel. He thought that he should be able to curb the others as long as he held their leader hostage.

Things didn’t go as he had expected. He soon realized that he had underestimated the prowess of the four female guards too.

In the night sky, little birds manifested from mana and life force had descended from the moon and were starting to cluster in the vicinity. With each wave of Alicia’s hand, a bird would transform into a devastating spell and bombard the evil cultists. The sheer killing intent she emanated made her feel like the devil herself, striking fear in the hearts of her enemies.

As Carter’s protégé, Alicia had been inculcated with the decisiveness of military magicians from a young age. It was one thing if she chose not to make a move, but once she decided to strike, she would go all out to devastate her enemies, not giving her enemies any space to catch their breath at all.

What made this even more frightening was her bloodline that allowed her to withstand the side effects of most spells. This meant that she could afford to unleash her strongest spells right from the get-go without worrying about wearing herself down, thus bringing the conc

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