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There was a famous saying from a respected militia in Roel’s previous life.

No guns? No cannons? No problem. Our enemies are building them for us.

Roel was so inspired by the fearlessness and optimism from the slogan that he decided to learn from its spirit, albeit in a slightly different manner.

No horses? No carriages? No problem. The System will get it for us.

Roel sat on a timber log in front of a bonfire as he looked at the patrolling Lionheart Army in the vicinity. They were taking a rest at the moment and Lilian was out hunting for food, thus giving him some time to himself.

He personally thought that he had already been very patient with the System. Despite being his cheat, it was useless whenever he was in desperate situations, not to mention that it even charged him an exorbitant sum for its services. Its loan interest rate would put even the greediest of banks to shame.

Still, he never—or at least hardly—complained about it, but things were different this time.

“Bloody hell! You weren’t even able to detect the side effects of Time Devourer this time around. What use do I have for you?” Roel roared at the System.

Sensing its host’s unprecedented anger, the System actually fell silent for a moment—possibly out of shame—before finally offering an explanation.

【Analytical delays are inevitable when dealing with extenuating factors such as the violation of space-time laws or karmic effects. The System asks for the user’s understanding.】

Understanding? Dream on! Why would I try to understand you when I’m planning to rip you off?

Just like how an indignant gamer who had lost a piece of rare equipment due to a game bug would raise a shitstorm to demand compensation for his loss, Roel was determined to get something good out of the System for this. His attitude only got even more forceful.

Don’t you know that it’s Manners 101 to show some sincerity when asking for someone’s understanding?

Roel glanced at the 50% discount offered by the【400 Years Witness State】event and scoffed coldly.

“Is this all you’re offering me after how badly you did me in? It’s not enough. Either increase the discount percentage or find some other way to compensate me. Take your pick!”


Roel’s domineering attitude made the sheepish System fall silent once more. It took a while before it gave its response.

【The world is governed by the rules of cause and effect, including the System’s functions. Affection Points cannot be generated out of thin air. Gold coins taken by the System have also been reallocated back into the earth. The System is unable to offer the user any compensation on those aspects.】

【However, out of sympathy for the extenuating circumstances the user is facing at the moment, the System will launch another event.】

【Commemoration of the Chibi’s Journey

50% off items in the event shop (Can be stacked with other discounts)】

Hm? If it’s stackable, a 50% discount on a 50% di

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