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Saint Mesit Theocracy, Ascart Fiefdom.

In the brilliantly lit study room of the Ascarts’ manor sat a silver-haired girl. She was focused on looking through the report she was holding in her hands, and beside her was a huge stack of documents she had processed over the past few hours.

The arrival of summer meant that the weather in the Ascart Fiefdom had gotten considerably warmer. Due to that, none of the temperature regulation magic tools were activated, and the windows of the study room were left open. The night breeze that occasionally made its way in felt cooling on one’s skin.

Silver-rimmed glasses sat atop Alicia's nose bridge as she looked through the documents with a graceful demeanor. Her heart, however, wasn’t as calm as how she appeared on the surface.

“As expected, Lord Brother is truly a prodigy…”

Browsing through the figures in the accounting report, Alicia let out a small sigh as her awe for Roel rose another notch.

Alicia was the only one left in the Ascart Fiefdom ever since Roel left for Saint Freya Academy two months ago. She chose to pick up her older brother’s work and guide the Ascart Fiefdom down the path he had paved for it so that his earlier efforts wouldn’t go to waste.

Roel was initially hesitant to let Alicia take over his work due to her young age, timid character, and lack of experience in governance. These factors could make it difficult for her to exert her dominance over the subordinates, and she could end up suffering grievances as a result of that.

Despite Roel’s unrestrained doting toward her as an irreplaceable family member, Alicia remained very strict on herself, maintaining a high level of discipline when it came to official business. She wouldn’t butt into affairs that were beyond her jurisdiction, though she did dabble in some military-related administrative work assigned to her by Carter.

Nevertheless, she had a severely limited understanding of the plans relating to the fiefdom’s economic development, as well as the measures that had been put in place over the last few years.

Roel had indeed been thinking about getting someone else to take over his work prior to his departure, but he was reluctant to hand the family business into the hands of an outsider, especially when he couldn’t be around to monitor them. It was at a time like this that Alicia stood forward saying that she wanted to share the family’s responsibilities.

He was surprised by her initiative. Despite all the reservations he harbored, he eventually decided to let her give it a try, thinking that it would be a precious learning opportunity for her.

He secretly bore quite high expectations for her too. It would be a huge mistake to think of Alicia as just any other child. She was a prodigy on par with Nora and Charlotte, not just in terms of transcendent abilities but intelligence too. Her strong learning ability would allow her to swiftly gain competence; she was just severely lacking in e

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