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Three days later, Saint Freya Academy, two young women were sitting under a lush tree, each holding onto a letter with identical handwriting. It was a marvelously sunny day, but both of them were trembling with pale faces.

“To the esteemed Miss Nora, with all due respect, I’m writing this letter to inform you that Roel Ascart has decided to spend the rest of his life with Austine’s imperial princess Lilian Ackermann. The latter is already expecting a child…”

On one side of the tea table, Nora read out the anonymous letter that was sent to her earlier in the morning with a chilling voice, especially when she verbalized the words, ‘expecting a child’. In response to her intense emotion, a brilliant golden glow manifested from her mana started to cloak her body.

She couldn’t tell who the writer was, but his intention was clear here. The writer was conveying to her that Roel had eloped with Lilian in hopes of convincing her to forsake her feelings for him. Such an act utterly infuriated her.

But despite her infuriated appearance, anger was hardly the only emotion she was feeling. Deep down, she was feeling apprehensive and frightful too.

While Nora strongly believed that the content of the letter was a lie, the writer appeared to be equally confident about it as well. On top of that, the fact that Roel and Lilian had been away for three days now lent credence to the writer’s claim. The thought that she could lose something she held dear shook her up.

Not too long ago, they heard from Roel’s teacher, Chris Wilde, that she had received Lilian’s handwritten letter informing her that they had successfully taken down the evil cultists, but they were taking a detour to clear a mission before returning to the academy.

The two of them did think that something was odd about that—Roel was already busy enough that it was hard to imagine him taking on an additional commitment—but they shrugged off their concerns, thinking that it was unlikely for anything to happen.

It was only when these letters were delivered into their hands that their fears were truly stoked.

Roel and Lilian were eloping together?

There was no way Nora would believe such a claim. As someone who had grown up with Roel, she knew him very well. He was not the type of person to forsake everything he cared about for love, especially not when Alicia was still in the Ascart House.

As much as she hated to admit it, Roel was a siscon through and through. It was impossible for him to abandon the little sister he doted so dearly for a woman he had only met two months ago.

Had that been the case, she would have won this battle a long time ago.

Not to mention, Roel was the sole son of the Ascart House, and he was on good terms with his father too. The Ascart House had been suffering from such a severe lack of offspring for so long that it would fight against all odds to push for the union between Roel and Lilian.

If Lilian was truly expecting, tha

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