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Under Saint Freya Academy’s night sky, just outside of the underground wine cellar in the mountains, Paul Ackermann was currently contemplating an extremely important question:

When a man and a woman hole themselves up in a secluded space for two hours in the middle of the night, what could they possibly be doing?

This was a profound question that would have stirred a variety of answers in Roel’s previous world. Different people would take different views to that question. Some might be fighting hard for the sake of the survival of mankind whereas others might just be ‘fighting the landlord’.

It was fortunate that the game, ‘fighting the landlord’, didn’t exist in the Sia Continent, and nobles typically required a refined environment in order to play their entertainment games, so Paul was able to eliminate most of the possibilities. It was just that the remaining answer left seemed to be…

Heh, how could that be possible?

Paul shook his head, laughing at the ludicrous conclusion he arrived at.

Big brother Roel might be a person with hardly any flaws, but that’s imperial sister Lilian we’re talking about here! She’s a renowned ice beauty in the Austine Empire, not to mention that their backgrounds are polar opposites. How could a high noble from the Theocracy possibly get together with an imperial princess of the Austine Empire?

That’s just utterly impossible!

As much as Paul tried to turn his eyes away from it, the fact was that the two of them had been alone in the underground wine cellar for over two hours now. Slowly, the atmosphere started to turn a little odd, and speculative discussions were growing louder.

To make things worse, there had been no suspicious activity they could hear from the underground wine cellar thus far. There were no explosions, no clanging of swords, and no pulsations of mana. With that, they could eliminate the possibility of the two of them fighting or meeting with danger.

In the first place, there was already some tension between the Purplerose Faction and Bluerose Faction, especially after Paul chose to join the Bluerose Faction. Their relationship only showed signs of reconciliation due to this collaborative operation to bring down the evil cultists.

Of course, just because they were showing signs of reconciliation didn’t necessarily mean that they would get along well in the future. The fundamental differences between the two factions were simply too great.

Maybe… they are discussing how they ought to further their collaboration?

Paul stroked his lower jaw contemplatively.

Little did he know that he had already gotten it half right.

The discussion part hadn’t happened yet, but it was already decided that they would further their collaboration, though it was not on a factional level but on a personal level…

… such as a collaboration on their genes.

Paul was trying his best to think the other way, but Geralt had a completely different take toward

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