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“Wuuuu, it’s the smell of Lord Brother.”

In the dark bedroom, Alicia hugged Roel’s pillow and took in a deep breath. Then, she started rolling around his bed happily.

This was her most efficient method of relieving stress ever since Roel’s departure. There was no frustration she couldn’t forget by rolling on his bedsheets; if there was, it only meant that she hadn’t rolled enough.

Ever since Alicia tried to ‘take advantage’ of him during their time in Rosa, Roel decided that he couldn’t let things be anymore—especially since she was starting to approach maturity and couldn’t be considered to be a child anymore—so he hardened his resolve and strictly prohibited her from getting onto his bed anymore.

Of course, Alicia wasn’t one to give up easily. She wasn’t afraid of getting scolded, and she knew that she could easily make Roel’s heart waver with her tears.

Unfortunately, her schemes failed this time around.

Knowing his own weaknesses, Roel learned from his previous failures and took a different approach to this issue. Whenever he caught Alicia sneaking into his bed, he would spend the following week holed up in his office, choosing not to return to the Ascarts’ manor.

To Alicia, there was nothing worse than not being able to spend any time with her older brother at all. Roel not returning home for an entire week was as good as a catastrophe! This left her with no choice but to hold back her tendencies.

She wasn’t able to sneak into Roel’s bed for a very long time due to that. She could only make do with occasionally peeking at his sleeping visage beneath the moonlight.

Thus, the first thing that Alicia did upon Roel’s departure was to occupy his room. That was also where her hobby of rolling on his bedsheets came from.

It had become a daily routine for her. She needed a dose of Roeltonin in the morning to give her the strength to pull through the day and a dose at night to ensure that she would be able to dream of her beloved older brother.

While Alicia was letting herself loose on Roel’s bed, Anna carefully closed the door to Roel’s bedroom before sighing softly.

Ever since Alicia took over Roel’s role as the proxy fief lord, Anna would often see her browsing through the documents Roel left behind with a deep frown. Sometimes, she would even get upset because she was unable to comprehend the rationale behind some of the key decisions.

It ached her heart to see a young child having to take up such a heavy responsibility, but there was only so much she could do to help her.

As Roel’s personal maid, Anna had been serving as his secretary for a long time. Just by constantly being by his side, she was able to gain a deep understanding of the fiefdom’s current state. Even so, she often found herself confused by the decisions Roel made. It was only when everything unfolded that she retrospectively realized what his intentions were back then.

“Young miss, it’s already incredible that you’re a

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